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  1. cjones

    Northern Brewer Replacement

    Homebrew stuff out of Boise Idaho might be another good resource
  2. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    pm sent - thanks for the info
  3. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    well, howdy yall! I am getting settled in to east Texas life. wondering if anybody would be up for some beers and conversation. looking to meet new friends in this area. Tyler TX
  4. cjones

    Tyler Area Pints & Suds

    when and were is the next meeting - love to try and make it
  5. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    thanks bud, Just finished moving in, and work has got me working a ton of hours right now..... just got my kegerator re assembled. good luck on the brewery, what the name?
  6. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    I have been to stanleys - and must say really great bbq! thanks for the info on peticolas
  7. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    thanks for the welcome, I agree. In Idaho we were land locked, it will be nice to have the opportunity for weekend trips to the coast. And nice to have a day out (or night) in Dallas for occasional get aways.
  8. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    started in pocatello and ended at meridian.
  9. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    thanks for the welcome - we lived in Idaho most our lives, used to the laid back country lifestyle. - we moved to California for awhile and it is not for us.
  10. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    thats good, must mean they have good schools, cost of living looks good, and looks like a safe place to raise a family and enjoy a slower pace of life.
  11. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    you live in tyler? - is there something wrong with tyler?
  12. cjones

    Ss Brewtechs Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever!

    Wow thanks SS!!! heres hoping!!
  13. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    I am moving to Tyler TX end of this week, wondering if any other home brewers in the area would like to meet up for a beer sometime, or brew-day? Also if anybody has info on local homebrew shops, breweries, places that fill co2 tanks. Thanks
  14. cjones

    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    do you have a part number for the table - or a link where to buy it... thanks
  15. cjones

    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    where did u get the table - part number if posible
  16. cjones

    1/2bbl brew stand for sale

    taken off market
  17. cjones

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Yoopers 60 min dogfish head clone - all grain
  18. cjones

    Sacramento Area?

    thanks for the comment, its no prob... I completely understand- life always has a way of getting hectic.. (says the guy who just finished up moving from one state to another... still slowing crying inside from that event) lol
  19. cjones

    Show us your Kegerator

    we are all jealous..... hope you know good on ya brew brother! happy brewing, (a lot of happy brewing for that tap system)