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  1. Martys1

    Kolsch not carbed

    Did you use priming sugar or priming tablets when you bottled?
  2. Martys1

    My next three batches

    I’d like to try those recipes in my Anvil 6.5, looks doable,just finished a blond ,I was doing 5 gal extract, partial mash, and Biab on the stove, just acquired the AF6.5 last week.
  3. Martys1

    My next three batches

    🤪question, what size is the batch?They all look tasty,
  4. Martys1

    Anvil Foundry 6.5

    I found one on FB market w pump for 400 and it was used only a couple of times.I’m pretty happy , I have a mid west kit and 2 more coming from more beer.look in FB mkt and Craigslist, goodluck
  5. Martys1

    Anvil Foundry Mash Eff

    I think I saw a YouTube where they make a ring that does what you want , it’s placed on the inside to block the drainage out the side as an option, I was searching electric brew kettles and saw it
  6. Martys1

    where to order

    Northern brewer just sent me an offer via email
  7. Martys1

    🔥GIVEAWAY🔥Hello members! Inkbird would like to give FREE here.

    I bbq a lot and could really use some great gloves
  8. Martys1

    Cyber Monday Week Giveaway—Enter to Win WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller!

    I can’t wait for the temp control, building the keezer soon
  9. Martys1

    Beginner - wanting to start with All-Grain?

    Hi , recently purchased a bunch of stuff from one person on Craigslist.My neighbor I brewed with forwarded an ad that had a solid oak bar w marble and 4 faucets sitting on a keezer w/a 5&20 aluminum tanks dbl regulators 2 Cronus a copper chiller line cleaner bottle of starsanbrushes plastic brew...
  10. Martys1

    Not being one to forgo a bargian I bought 50 lbs of liquid malt it is from chile

    Get a food saver and some rolls of bags measure it out and seal and freeze the LME,or go to the restaurant supply and get some plastic containers with lids.
  11. Martys1

    My first home built keezer!

    Good job mate, cheers
  12. Martys1

    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    Just yours, northern brewers and youtube
  13. Martys1

    First timer needs advice!

    Hi ,I wanted to brew something easy so I found a recipe from the1800’s for ginger beer. Ginger beer is like hard ginger ale kinda like cider.which is also easy to make 1c of chopped ginger 1lb sugar I use 8 oz sugarand8oz of molasses 1 gal water Plk of cider yeast (I’ve even used bread yeast...