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  1. lutinplunder


    Planning a 30gal HLT & BK made from 30gal SS barrels. What do you think about this element vs the more common pair of 4500 watt ripples? 220V 9000W ~10 diameter Planning a 50 amp panel fed from a 60 amp breaker/Spa panel
  2. lutinplunder

    Another Automated Brewery Design

    Here's my design so far... 3 Vessel, 2 burner, Herms system controlled by Brewtroller with RPi2 running webapp on 15" touchscreen. Liquid flow diagram (rough but I lack the paintshop-fu that some of you have). In the design stage trying to iron it out before collecting parts and...
  3. lutinplunder

    New brew tree and first all grain batch

    Finally made the leap to all grain, spent about 5 hours after work Friday night making my brew tree. Finally finished it at 1:30am :) tested it out today making a raspberry ale for my wife, had one of my thermometers crap out causing me to be short on my mash in temp, but just added more hot...
  4. lutinplunder

    Tacoma Craft Beer Festival

    Anybody going? I won a ticket from The Beer Essentials so I'm gonna drag the wife along and go check it out.
  5. lutinplunder

    Beer label creation website

    Found this website for making labels thought I'd share Here's one I whipped up
  6. lutinplunder

    Brewery name Idea

    Been trying to think up a name for awhile and finally settled of "Schlangen Brau" which is german for serpents brew. Figured I'd combine my hobbies of brewing and snakes. I was just curious as to what everyone thought of the name
  7. lutinplunder

    Hybrid English IPA HELP

    trying to clone a Hoppy Otter here's the marketing... The purest spring water drawn from the River Otter is used to brew this traditional 19th Century-style IPA with a bit of a twist. Handcrafted with English floor malts and our very own yeast, we have added five of the US Pacific Northwest's...
  8. lutinplunder

    Hoppy Otter Clone?

    Does anyone have a Hoppy Otter clone? I tasted one that my brother-in-law gave me and really liked it, if no one has a good clone could you recommend a good recipe. I'm new to beer drinking so my preferences lean towards the less bitter beers, Dubbel dach's Orange Honey Hefeweizen is my current...
  9. lutinplunder

    need help reducing a recipe to 1 gallon

    I wanna try this recipe to see if i'll like it I think it's one of Wayneb's Here's what you need to get started: 12 lbs (1 gallon) of "fruit" varietal honey - these days I prefer to use Blackberry or Orange Blossom, but back when I created the original recipe I used readily available...