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  1. mrgstiffler

    Hop Henge

    Anyone else getting really intense bubble gum from this year's Deschutes Hop Henge?
  2. mrgstiffler

    BrewDog/Three Floyds Bitch Please

    Does anyone know if there's a bad batch of this going around? I just had one and all I could taste was melted plastic mixed with dry erase marker mixed with fingernail polish. It was absolutely terrible and I can't get the taste out of my mouth.
  3. mrgstiffler

    Sad times...

    It's always so disappointing when a fantastic beer you brewed finally runs out. I started pouring another pint of my Dunkelweizen and ended up with air. Looking forward to a beer and then finding out that it's gone is very sad indeed.
  4. mrgstiffler

    Out of this World Galaxy Hopped IPA

    (Recipe is for 2.5 gallons, 3 gallons post-boil) This beer really showcases how amazing Galaxy hops are. Drink this beer fresh. Don't age it. The malt is just a background singer in this ensemble, but the Carapils gives it nice body and excellent head/retention.
  5. mrgstiffler

    Dry hopping with pellets can get messy when you forget to tie the bag

    Tossed the bag with Galaxy pellets in when I kegged and apparently I forgot to tie the end of the bag. Seems like the pellet gunk sank to the bottom of the keg where the dip tube is. The IPA was crystal clear when I kegged too :( Wonder how many pints I'm going to need to drink until it's clear...
  6. mrgstiffler

    Quick Better Bottle measurement needed

    Can someone tell me how tall a 6 gallon Better Bottle is with a cap and hose on it?
  7. mrgstiffler

    This always happens...

    I decide that it's beer and a movie time, so I throw a beer in the freezer and start the movie. Next thing I know, the movie is over and the beer is frozen solid. So I take it out and put another one in. Now I have to wait again :(
  8. mrgstiffler

    Made an EASY water filter today

    I saw this in the BYO DIY projects issue. It's a very easy KDF water filter. Took a whole 2 minutes to put together. Seems very solid. Filter: Parts from Home Depot: 1x 2" PVC coupler 2x 2"->1/2" PVC threaded bushing 2x 1/2"...
  9. mrgstiffler

    Carbonation and mouthfeel

    Just a quick tip that I've recently discovered (and no doubt MANY already know)... If your beer feels thin and tastes a little "watery" try boosting carbonation. I have a stout that's been carbonated to 1.90 volumes (the same as my previous stouts) that I've been rather unhappy with. It has...
  10. mrgstiffler

    First lager, some questions

    Going to be doing my first lager this weekend and have a couple questions. I'm actually going to be doing an American Pilsner and Dusseldorf Alt at the same time, since Alts have similar fermentation temps to lagers. Here's my plan: -Pitch lager with S-23 SafLager and Alt with Wyeast 1007...
  11. mrgstiffler

    Space heaters work great for fermentation chambers

    I use an upright freezer with a two-stage temperature controller for fermentation. Until recently, I've had a large heating pad for heat, but it can't keep up and the auto shutoff "feature" is a pain. I tried a 100W ceramic bulb but it was rather unsteady and got a bit hot. I've had an India Red...
  12. mrgstiffler

    Where around Portland can I get an authentic Altbier?

    I really want to try a legit Dusseldorf-style Alt. Anyone know of a place in the Portland area?
  13. mrgstiffler

    Finally made my hop spider today

    Using a plate chiller today so I couldn't put off the hop spider any longer. I tried out a few different bags and found that a disposable paint strainer bag that I can buy in bulk down the street works perfect. I can just unclip the bag and toss it after brewing. Materials: Finished:
  14. mrgstiffler

    Not sure what I feel like brewing...

    I'm in the mood to brew something medium-low gravity, low carbonation, bready and smooth. Something you can sit around with a bunch of friends and throw back pint after pint of. Anyone have a good recipe that fits the bill?
  15. mrgstiffler

    Put together my brewcart today

    Grabbed this cart from Harbor Freight. $60 isn't too bad. Everything fits perfectly and it'll hold up to 450lb. Can mount my plate chiller right on the side and add a pump when I get one. Steel Service Cart - 24" x 36"
  16. mrgstiffler

    How to clean a plate chiller without a pump

    I bought a plate chiller with the plan of gravity feeding it, but how do I clean it without a pump? Just submerging it probably wont be enough. I was thinking maybe connecting my autosiphon to it and hand pumping some PBW through it. Would probably do the trick I think. Thoughts?
  17. mrgstiffler

    Oxiclean and plastic

    Anyone know what affect Oxiclean has on plastic? I just discovered that I left my auto-siphon and tubing soaking in Oxiclean for almost a month now. Oops.
  18. mrgstiffler

    Chewbacca - Belgian Pale Ale

    I like the yeast in this one. The pepper is fantastic. When cold, this beer is just so-so, but as it warms it really becomes enjoyable. Some bready characteristics start to come through when warm. I like experiencing the change from cold to warm. Changes quite a bit in the keg too. 3-4 weeks...
  19. mrgstiffler

    Kashyyyk Stout

    The best stout that I've brewed. Absolutely fantastic. I think it's the Special B that makes it, well, special. Fantastic aroma! Only left in primary for 2 weeks. Then kegged and forced carbonated to 1.8-2 volumes. It was good after 2 days of boosting @ 30psi. FANTASTIC after a week and a half...
  20. mrgstiffler

    Crap, no Chinook...

    Went and grabbed ingredients from my LHBS for an Arrogant Bastard clone based on tweaks from Tasty's 3rd rebrew. Had the grain milled, grabbed the yeast, went to the hops fridge and no Chinook. Arrogant Bastard is 100% Chinook. OK, no problem, I'll just go to the other store a mile away. Nope...