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  1. Chadwick

    Kentucky Lots of grain and hops for sale.

    I have somewhere around 100lbs of brewing grains for sale. The great majority of it is 2-row. There are also some bags of crystal malts, some portions of wheat malt, and some other stuff I can't remember. I also have a bunch of hops pellets as well. Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, I think there...
  2. Chadwick

    My thoughts on Old Tankard Ale

    It's one of those things. I've gotten myself really involved with life and its challenges in the last few years and as a result I haven't brewed any beer. All the grain and ingredients are there in the deep freezer, but time does not allow it. The family minded members might understand, the...
  3. Chadwick

    Just received 125 year old sourdough yeast

    This is interesting. I'll be following this to see how it turns out.
  4. Chadwick

    "Clean" Tasting Hops/Yeast for an IPA

    I agree with most everything above. Especially going easy on the Chinook and Columbus. With that noted, I've developed a taste for the intense qualities of those two hops. I love Chinook for any late additions and dry hopping. I've found that it becomes very herbal tasting when used as a...
  5. Chadwick

    Unique things to do with your corpse after you die...

    I liked the fireworks display. Because who doesn't want to go out with a bang with dozens of onlookers cheering?
  6. Chadwick

    Men who sit to pee

    I didn't bother reading all 32 pages of this thread, none-the-less, I'll share my 2 cents about the matter. Both are acceptable. Especially as you get older. It's like insurance because while you feel pretty sure what to expect, sometimes **** happens. ;)
  7. Chadwick

    Possible start of infection?

    Now that I'm looking at this with better rested eyes I can now see what you are concerned about. I've seen that before way back in the day I did extract brews. It never caused me any trouble that I can remember. However, the beer never had an opportunity to sit around in bottles for very long...
  8. Chadwick

    Possible start of infection?

    It looks normal to me. If it is an infection it will begin to look much more suspect as the days pass. Since you are only 7 days into this I would put the lid back on and not bother it for at least 7 more days.
  9. Chadwick

    The Latest On Craft Soda

    I love Gents Ginger Ale's comment on their facebook page. -Soda made the hard way - lol
  10. Chadwick

    How do people store beer bottles?

    I use primarily Sierra Nevada bottles for my beers. Initially I soak my bottles (the ones never used by me yet) in a strong Oxy-clean solution and I remove the labels and rinse them out until the water doesn't feel oily anymore. I then wash them in the dish washer under the sanitize cycle...
  11. Chadwick

    Unusual bittering spices. Frankincense and Myrrh?

    I'm not trying to create any conflict here. I know that Frankincense and Myrrh are sacred to some sects of people. Regardless, they do have some nice aromatic bittering properties to them. And as a result I'm finding myself curious in how they may imbue their magic in an Ale. Furthermore, they...
  12. Chadwick

    over carbonation

    Wow, that is a lot to read for such a simple problem. Ok, you are getting more carbonation that you want. My instant reply would be to advise you to use slightly less sugar than you are currently using. How much less? I'm not sure. Maybe 1/5 less, maybe 1/4 less. It all depends on what you...
  13. Chadwick

    West Sixth IPA - A Kentucky born IPA

    Because I want to support local breweries, I'm again giving offerings from West Sixth a try. They have something called a Cocoa Porter they are making now. I bought a sixer of the stuff and I have to admit. It isn't bad. Which is good, because most everything they have made so-far has been...
  14. Chadwick

    Since when did people become so stupid?

    Actually, it seems to me the IQ of Americans is suffering the most.
  15. Chadwick

    Failed Fermentation, Contamination

    Fixing bad beers seems to work better when you are making an Ale. Even then, from my own experience, you won't make a "Hail Mary" save most of the time. If I was shooting for a Lager and things went bad, I'd be much less optimistic with "saving" techniques than I would if it was an Ale...
  16. Chadwick

    Beers You Used To Drink

    I love rye bread. I love sandwiches made with rye bread. I'm not fond of ales with rye in them. Seems counter intuitive but it is what it is.
  17. Chadwick

    Beers You Used To Drink

    I once drank George Killians Irish Red as my go-to beer. Looking back, it was actually the best beer in the store at the time. Of course, in those days a beer store was a big new thing and there were still many people living without running water in their homes. No, it wasn't the 1930's. It was...
  18. Chadwick

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I might fire up the equipment tomorrow. If I do it'll be a Saison since my temp control is down at this time. I'll do a recipe like jazz, I'll improvise around some sort of structure. Most likely a simple grain bill, single hop, and perhaps some coriander.
  19. Chadwick

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I'll take a quick stab at this. An American Pale Ale is a light(ish) pale colored beer with a notable hop character with American style hops. Most beers described as an India Pale Ale are hopped to an extreme degree and have a hop profile that smacks you in the face. An Australian Pale...