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  1. HopHoarder

    Best places in Maui to buy/ drink beer?

    I'm heading to Maui in a couple days and will be staying in Kihei. I already know of Maui Brewing Company and will certainly be going there, but other than that, where else is a good place in Maui to buy beer or to drink decent beer?
  2. HopHoarder

    Comet and Belma hopped IPA

    Recently I made this IPA using Gambrinus ESB malt and Comet/ Belma Hops. Just thought I'd post my recipe and tasting notes if anyone else was considering using these hops: 12 lite batch: 7.5 lb Gambrinus ESB Malt 12 oz Cara-Pils 12 oz Munich 9l Hops: 1 oz Comet FWH .75 Belma @15 min...
  3. HopHoarder

    A Flanders sour mash experiment

    I already have two carboys of Flanders in secondary using Roselare yeast, but I was curious as to how a similar grainbill would fare using a sour mash technique. I had to adjust my recipe a bit from my original flanders as I didn't want unmalted grains or other complex sugars in the mash, so...
  4. HopHoarder

    Anybody else ever used over a pound of hops in a 5 gallon batch?

    Sure it's overkill but if you gots da hops... I brewed a 5 gallon batch today which I call "HopSidious" and used 16 ounces of hops as follows: 3oz First Wort Hop a Simcoe/ Super Galena/ Calypso blend 2oz Same blend at 15 min 2oz same blend at 10 min 2oz same blend at 5 min 2oz Amarillo...
  5. HopHoarder

    Grain stalks in my grain!

    A few months back I purchased a 55lb bag of Canada Malting Co. Superior 2row grain. I'm about half-way into the bag and I've begun to notice a fair bit of what looks to be pieces of grain stalk (about 1" long) floating in my mash. Maybe I only noticed it now because my last mash was a higher...
  6. HopHoarder

    Has anybody used Birch Syrup?

    I have around 6oz of Yukon Birch Syrup sitting around in my fridge and was wondering how this tasty elixer would work in beer. It's definitely stronger tasting than maple syrup so flavour-wise I would think you wouldn't need as much as one would with maple syrup. I currently have a little...