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  1. jwalk4

    BCS Brown Ale help

    Brewed the dirty water brown from BCS last week and it came out too sweet (sweeter than I remember). I mashed a bit high, but I think it may be the recipe too. Thinking of dropping the Crystal 60 and upping the Victory to a half-pound, maybe more. I start with 10 gallons of RO and end up with...
  2. jwalk4

    A few mobile issues

    Hey all, I recently began to experience a few issues while browsing using my tablet. 1) "Desktop version" link no longer works. 2) No matter how long I browse, or how many pages I view, everytime I hit the "Back" button I have to log back into my account. Same goes for accessing the...
  3. jwalk4

    Another Cask Ale from Corney Keg Thread

    Has anyone ever drilled and installed a facet and shank into the wall of a corney keg (near the bottom) for the purpose of serving cask ale? I love English beers, and want to serve in my cellar at authentic temps. I don't mind dedicating a keg to the cause, full time.
  4. jwalk4

    Table Lift for Brewstand

    Some of you guys have great looking, albeit sometimes complicated, brew stands (multi-tiered, pumps, hosing, etc.). I'd like to lift less in my process, and maybe incorporate some infusion mashing techniques without having to lift/move boiling water around too much. Anyways, does anyone...
  5. jwalk4

    Competition Curveball

    Questions answered NVM
  6. jwalk4

    Post #1001 Photo Journal

    Post #1001 Many of you have more posts, but I am pretty proud that I have hit 1000. So in honor of a big round number, I thought I’d share a little photo journal of some of my more memorable batches to date. I’m going to post it here in the Beginners Forum because I want this thread to...
  7. jwalk4

    Intertap vs perlick flow control facets: reviews, experiences, or other?

    Was going to buy one or the other for a standard shanked Danby kegerator. Anyone have any good experiences with either? Do the facets work as advertised? Intertap OR Perlick...
  8. jwalk4

    US-05 at room temp. Meh let's see what happens!

    So since the birth of my first born 6 weeks ago, there's been no time to brew. Big surprise there, right? Wrong! The real surprise came when my fiance said to me on Sunday morning, "Why don't you take some time to make beer today?" Hell yes! So I decided to try my first 10 gallon...
  9. jwalk4

    Something's gotta give....

    So I have a lot to be happy about: I got a new promotion at work and found out I'm going to be a father in 8 months. :tank: Awesome, right? It is for me. However, I'll be moving in with my parents for about a year or two so that my fiance and I can save up for a house and we can move out of...
  10. jwalk4

    Super Malty Flavor... Not in a good way.

    Hey all, First two brews this year have been super malty tasting, like turning the bread and cereal flavor up so high the knob falls off. 1st brew was the Tiny Bottom Pale Ale, fermented with 05 2nd brew was a Vienna Smash fermented with...
  11. jwalk4

    Ordering Dry Yeast in the Mail

    My LHBS only carries S-23 and Mauri Lager 497 for lager yeasts, and I'm put off by the reviews on both. I can get 34/70 mailed to me though, how is dry yeast in the mail? I plan on pitching two packages for an OG ~1.050. If I bought say, 5-6 packages to make the shipping worth while, how...
  12. jwalk4

    Calling all BJCP Gurus: English Porter and Color

    I'm piecing together an English Porter recipe but, my SRM keeps climbing higher and higher. The BJCP say that an English Porter has a limit of 30 SRM, but even their list of commercial examples include Fuller's London Porter which has an estimated SRM of 35. So I guess my question is this...
  13. jwalk4

    2016 Inaugural Brewday...

    was a near disaster! My burner conked out on me! Heated my strike water okay, but when I went to boil I couldn't get any flame and no propane out the burner. I switched propane tanks, and adjusted the regulator. I played with the connections and the hose and was able to get a small flame...
  14. jwalk4

    A Molson Product Worth Drinking!?! Say it ain't so! <- Link to an interesting commentary about the beer. Any one else had the new Molson 1908? Surprisingly not too shabby! Molson decided to re-create a beer from their past, and stayed surprisingly faithful to their long...
  15. jwalk4

    Have ingredients... need help formulating clone

    Trying to clone Tree Brew Co.'s Cutthroat Ale. A west coast style pale ale. Malts: 2 row, light munich, crystal, honey, Vienna Hops : perle, centennial, goldings, cascade, Columbus IBU 35 ABV 5% Can you help advise with grain bill % and hop times?
  16. jwalk4

    Wow, first lager and I'm over my head

    Hey, so, I got an opportunity to brew a Marzen with a friend tomorrow, but I've never made a lager before. We're using WLP 830-German Lager, and I can probably keep it at 50-53 for 2-3 weeks, but I get a little confused after that. I warm it up to 60 for a few days (D-rest), then chill it...
  17. jwalk4

    How do you quiet that little voice...

    ... that urges you to make major life changes? Move. Get a new job. Shake things up a bit? How do you keep an even keel?
  18. jwalk4

    Year in Review -What was your favorite Recipe?

    So here we are, December 31, and another year of brewing has come and gone. Anyone care to share their favorite recipes brewed this year? Link 'em or post 'em. What made them stand out? Final product? Changes you made? Memorable experiences? I had two batches that stood out as...
  19. jwalk4

    Last brewday Water Review

    Hey all, Due to a string of good weather and a little timing, I am going to do one last brew this year: a hobgoblin clone. However, since I am a noob to water chemistry, can one of you look over my plan? I full volume mash. No sparge. I would appreciate your thoughts!
  20. jwalk4

    Good dry yeasts for low temps

    Hey guys, I will be spending my first winter in my new house this year, and my basement (where my wort becomes beer) is currently at a chilly 58 degrees. I assume it will get even colder in winter's deep freeze. I currently use dry yeasts exclusively. What dry ale yeasts perform well at...