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    Do you need separate brew equipment for kombucha and beer?

    I sanitize with starsan. I have a separate fermenter for f1 kombucha but I’ve been using my beer fermenter for F2. Haven’t made any beer since then. Was wondering if starsan would be good enough to kill the left over scoby, since kombucha itself is pretty low in pH.
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    Is it possible to determine sugar content of kombucha with a hydrometer?

    I would like to minimize the amount sugar I injest. Is it possible totrack sugar in kombucha with a hydrometer? Not sure if some of the byproducts of fermentation would throw off gravity readings.
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    What’s your experience with Mash temp too high: how will beer turn out?

    I see a lot of posts asking what mashing too high will do and see a lot of answers: less fermentable wort and perhaps a sweeter and fuller body beer. But no one ever follows up with how their beer turned out. Years ago i had a thermometer go bad and made a beer that was mashed at too high of a...
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    Pitched yeast when wort was too cold!

    Made a vitality starter with wlp300 (that expired end of nov 2020).... lol. But I’ve used old yeast plenty times before in this fashion and been finE. Optimal yeast temp for wlp300 is 68-72 deg F. cooled my wort with my immersion cooler. Noticed it was taking forever... after like 30-45 mins it...
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    Watermelon beer: anyone ever use ‘Simply Watermelon Juice’

    Watermelon beer. Anyone ever use simply watermelon juice? I’ve used watermelon pulp before. Local grocery store is out of watermelon. Wrong time of year. I was thinking of just using Simply Watermelon juice. Ingredients: Contains pure filtered water, watermelon juice, cane sugar, lemon...
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    Help making this wheat beer recipe a winter beer?

    Any thoughts on how to make this wheat beer recipe a winter wheat? Like by adding spices? Trying to get this one ready for Xmas. Already have below ingredients. 6 LBs German Pilsner 4 Lbs Wheat 8 oz Flaked Wheat 8 oz Flaked Oats 12 oz Rice Hulls 1 oz Hallertau 60 Minutes
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    Anvil bucket fermenter lid not sealing?

    Ever since i took the lid gasket out to clean, it has had trouble sealing. It’s like the gasket is too big in circumference to properly fit... can’t get it to lie flat in the lid’s groove- it’s wavy and redundant. I tried lubing it up to help it seal without luck. I just started a beer. It’s...
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    To squeeze the fruit bag or not?!

    I recently added a bag of blended raspberries to a sour beer i have fermenting. Added in a large hop bag into the bucket fermenter when primary fermentation was almost done. I was going to give it about a week to ferment out... And wait until SG is stable. I use a tilt (and have a spigot) so i...
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    Anyone know mineral content of ice mountain spring water?

    I usually use distilled or reverse osmosis water for brewing. The last few times I’ve been to the grocery store (meijer) they’ve been all out of distilled and reverse osmosis water. People seem to be hoarding it. Anyway, so i broke down and bought spring water instead. Not sure if i can really...
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    Adding ascorbic acid and Na meta bisulfite to keg

    I did a search. Didn’t see any clear cut answers. how much do you add to a 5 gal keg to preserve freshness?
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    White chocolate wheat recipe help

    What are your thoughts on brewing a white chocolate wheat beer? We recently had grand armory’s white chocolate blonde, which was good. I have ingredients for a wheat beer. I see some breweries do make some good white chocolate wheat beers (e.g. Sonoran White Chocolate Ale | Sonoran Brewing...
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    White chocolate wheat beer help

    What are your thoughts on brewing a white chocolate wheat beer? We recently had grand armory’s white chocolate blonde, which was good. I have ingredients for a wheat beer. I see some breweries do make some good white chocolate wheat beers (e.g. Sonoran White Chocolate Ale | Sonoran Brewing...
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    Plaato keg monitoring system: ordered 5, but they only mailed me 4.

    Anyone else having trouble with Plaato giving them the run around? I received my order March 27 which was short 1 keg monitoring system from what I ordered. I emailed them immediately and got a response back the next day saying it was their mistake and that they would make it right. I have...
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    Anvil fermenter design flaw?? Possible fix.

    I’m doing my second brew with my new anvil fermenter. I’ve found that no matter how much i rotate the racking arm and tilt the fermenter arm it still leaves around 1/2 gallon in fermenter. I rarely have even half that much trub. Seems like a design flaw, since amount of trub varies. Seems...
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    Help interpreting and adapting this ...Budweiser... clone recipe to BIAB

    So my dads a bud guy. Loves bud. I have gotten him into some craft brews, but bud is still his favorite. For Father’s Day last year i helped him turn his old fridge into a kegerator and I’ve been helping him keep his keg full. ————- here’s the recipe i found: Vitals Original Gravity: 1.048...
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    Mango pineapple sour: should i add hop tea or lactose?

    Should add a hop tea to this? What kind? Should I add lactose? Thoughts? It tastes awesome now! Perhaps i will fast carbonate 3 glasses worth with a carbonator cap and taste test. ————- Originally i had ingredients to make a German Hefeweizen. I decided i wanted to sour it though and add...
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    Using tilt hydrometer during mash to monitor SG and temp

    Has anyone else done this? i am thinking it would be helpful for BIAB. Tilt website says it can withstand temps up to 185 deg F and that for every 10 deg above 100 deg F you subtract 0.001 to the SG for temp correction.
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    First kettle sour recipe advice?

    I have ingredients for a German hef, but was wondering if i could turn it into a kettle sour. Was hoping someone could look over recipe and make sure it looks good? Thanks! The good belly that people recommend using refers to the yogurt with live cultures? Any recommendations for fruit and...
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    Problem adding tilt to Fermentrack

    I successfully install Fermentrack on my raspberry pi. My new tilt works in my iOS app. i tried adding the tilt to Fermentrack but i don’t get any reading from it. Just lists it as unbound. Documentation doesn’t seem to address this. so what am i missing?
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    Spunding valve: pressure relief valve not accurate? Slow leak too

    So pressure relief valve of my spunding valve does not seem to be accurate. It has a range of 0-100 psi. When i open it, gas will start coming out at around 15-30 psi when pressure on gauge reads 10 psi. Is this typical? Also i have a slow leak. If i pressurize spunding valve by connecting to...