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  1. Gtrman13

    Notty finished a bit early. Possible causes/remedies?

    8# 2-Row 1.5# Flaked Oats 1# Munich 8 oz Crystal 60 8 oz Pale Chocolate 4 oz Crystal 40 4 oz Black Malt Mashed at 155
  2. Gtrman13

    Notty finished a bit early. Possible causes/remedies?

    I recently brewed an oatmeal porter (5 gallon batch, OG 1.056). I haven't used nottingham yeast in quite a while, so I'm not really familiar with the ins and out of it. I pitched at 64 and fermented at 65-66 for 11 days. All signs pointed to fermentation being complete but my FG landed at...
  3. Gtrman13

    3 tier system just scroll down to the "can I mash it" section!
  4. Gtrman13

    HUUUGE Starter!

    Ah, yes that does sound much easier! Although, I was kinda starting to get a little excited about my giant starter... But I suppose I'll stick with the more sensible approach. Thanks all!
  5. Gtrman13

    HUUUGE Starter!

    I'm about to brew a Maibock with an projected OG of 1.070. I'm relatively new to lagers, and I just want to make sure my yeast preparation is not going to be a problem. Instead of multiple vials of yeast in a smaller starter, I want to pitch a single vial into a 7 liter starter (per mr...
  6. Gtrman13

    mash tun

    Round has worked great for me.
  7. Gtrman13

    First Ever Poor Efficiency

    I probably have around 45 or 50 AG batches under my belt at this point, so I consider myself a pretty seasoned brewer. Tonight a brewed an IPA, and for the first time ever got a significantly low efficiency. I normally get in the range of 75% to 78%, but I got 60%. Every other number I had...
  8. Gtrman13

    WLP830 Starter Slow

    I'm making a big starter for an Oktoberfest I'm brewing in the next couple of days with WLP830 German Lager. I pitched two vials into a 2.2L starter on a stir plate about 18 hours ago but I see no activity at all in the starter. Not even a hint of krausen. I did notice that my stir plate...
  9. Gtrman13

    Honey double ipa

    My experiences with honey have also been negative. If the flavor is what you're after, I'd replace the honey with a pound or two of honey malt. To boost the ABV just add a pound or two of sucrose. It's a pretty common practice in giant IPAs like this one! And I'll also echo the previous...
  10. Gtrman13

    IIPA, 8 months, no carbonation

    Agreed. WLP007 is a pretty resilient strain. I recently cracked open an imperial stout at 10% abv and it was carbed just fine after just a few weeks. Whatever you do to try to fix them, I'd recap with a bench capper just to be safe.
  11. Gtrman13

    How to get FG lower to get a higher alc

    Next time, use pac man. Since I've switched my house strain to pac man, I've come below my projected FG on every brew!
  12. Gtrman13

    Holy Moly - a 10-degree increase after pitching yeast!

    I've certainly experienced large temperature increases during vigorous fermentation. It's simply a product of your yeasties doing their job. I mean, when you work hard you get hot and sweaty too, right? For certain styles this is a desired effect, like in some saisons. More often, 80 degrees...
  13. Gtrman13

    Easy label removal on what beers?

    Guinness - just cut the plastic wrapping off Victory - a few minutes in hot soapy water, and they nearly fall right off
  14. Gtrman13

    Pistachio brown ale

    Hard time getting a response, I see. I'll give it a shot for ya. I don't claim to be an expert on this particular subject but I did stay at a holiday in last night. I also brewed a hazelnut brown recently. From what I'm told, if you just put the nuts in secondary, the oils will kill your...
  15. Gtrman13

    yeast starterssss

    Also, you may know this already, but you only need a starter for liquid yeast. Dry yeasts don't need starters. Ok, carry on!
  16. Gtrman13

    When does a pale ale become an IPA?

    You successfully misspelled the word "success" :D Sorry, had to do it!
  17. Gtrman13

    Double IPA Recipe Check, Please

    I want to try first wort hopping. I've never tried it before and it seems like as good a time as any! Am I not correct in thinking that it would replace the 60 and/or 45 minute additions?
  18. Gtrman13

    Double IPA Recipe Check, Please

    It seems the last couple of IPA's I've made weren't quite what I wanted to be, or what they used to be. I wondering if there's something in my recipe building that's a little bit funky. Anyway, with this one I want to make a very drinkable double IPA. The one thing that I'm really unsure of...
  19. Gtrman13

    Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus and Simcoe IIPA

    Looks wonderful! I agree with the others on cutting the crystal malt back a bit, but the hop schedule looks delightful. That's pretty much the exact strategy I use with my IPA hop schedules. The only thing I might change is to add another ounce of dry hops!
  20. Gtrman13

    Dry hopping with whole leaf techniques?

    I typically use hop pellets, but I've come to prefer dry hopping with whole leaf hops lately. I usually dry hop in the keg, so there is plenty of shaking to keg full utilization of the hops. But I just used whole leaf for the first time dry hopping in a carboy. I only used one ounce, but it...