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  1. Surly

    Spike 30 gallon boil kettle.

    I have a Spike condenser lid. Would like brew kettle to go with it.
  2. Surly

    Considerations when purchasing a home RO system.

    For years I brewed using RO water. Living in the country using well water I thought that my safest option. I need in access of 20 gallons per brew day due to my brewing capacity. I want to be able to brew two times a month. Therefore, I would like to have the capacity to prepare 50 gallons a...
  3. Surly

    How long are water analysis reports considered valid?

    I live in an area with many active springs. A number of years ago I sent for a water analysis from Wards. It was taken from my water well that was approximately 35 feet deep. This spring I drilled another well that is 60 feet deep. In general, how often if ever should we retest? And, is a...
  4. Surly

    DIY beer cases

    Anybody know of a set of directions for making wooden beer cases?
  5. Surly

    Moving from single tier to stand alone burners.

    My single tier two burner brew stand needs work. After 13 years or so I must replace one burner. And yes, it needs a good cleaning and shelving replacement etc. I don’t want to do the upgrades. The unit was built as a rollout operation. I would move it to the patio and connect to my natural gas...
  6. Surly

    Purchasing Hops on line

    Hi I am in need of purchasing hops by the pound. I usually use Hops Direct but shipping costs have really increased. where do you shop? Thanks.
  7. Surly

    Upgrading Mash/Sparge Cooler - What is new?

    Long time user of a 100qt Coleman Extreme for batch sparging. It was ok when I brewed 15 gallon batches. I recently moved to 11 gallon batches and would like a new cooler. The Coleman now seems too large for grain bills of around 30 lbs. I now mash with 9 gallons and sparge with about 12...
  8. Surly

    Scaling a recipe for a SS Brewing Technologies 14 gallon fermentor

    Greetings I need to scale my recipes from a 15.5 conical to a 14 gallon conical. Anybody now what I should set my BeerSmith software for gallons into fermenter?
  9. Surly

    Kegco's Stainless Steel Counterflow Chiller

    Highly likely I will place an order, but just checking in first. Anybody have experience with Kegco? Or, this chiller? There is not a lot of info out there, but it looks like a good product at a decent price. Thoughts?
  10. Surly

    Bottling directly from a conical

    I have a conical with 15.5 gallons of beer. It has a racking arm that I can attach a bottling wand. I usually use two carb tabs to a 12oz bottle to carb a few bottles for gifts, parties etc. Must transfer beer to some kegs but would like to bottle a couple of cases or, 24 bottles and...
  11. Surly

    SS Conical Fermentor 15 gallon

    I have been building my brewery in stages from a five gallon extract brewery using my kitchen stove. I have been upgrading all of my equipment and now want to take the brewery to the next step. I am currently brewing 15.5 gallon batches in my plastic conical set in a converted frig. I built...
  12. Surly

    SS Conical Fermentor

    Hi Currently using a DIY plastic conocal with ss sight glass and fittings. I yield a 15 1/2 gallon batch using a converted refrigerator as a fermentation chamber. Would like to upgrade to ss. Any recommendations? Still want the same volume. Thanks
  13. Surly


    Anybody make their own coasters? I have six house beers that I have designed labels for. I would like to use each label to make about 25 coasters for each style of beer I have. Any ideas on the material I would use and the process to make the coasters?
  14. Surly

    Need New Malt Crusher

    After seven years it is time to leave my Barley Crusher go. Tired of dealing with it. Am looking to upgrade to a Monster Malt 3. There are very good reviews but many are dated. So I m asking the community to give me some quick feedback. Before I commit a couple of hundred bucks I...
  15. Surly

    Lactic acid sub for acid malt

    I will be brewing 15.5 gallons of a low gravity beer. The 31 lb grain bill includes 22 lbs Vienna and 10 Pilsner. Of the 26 gallons of water to be used I will use 10 gallons of RO during mash in and 10 of RO at spare, adding 6 gallons of my well water to that sparge. I have...
  16. Surly

    Oxygenation in a 15 gallon fermentor

    When brewing smaller batches I sometimes used an oxygen tank with a diffusion stone to add oxygen to my wort prior to pitching yeast. I now brew 15 gallon batches using a conical for fermenting. Anybody out there oxygenate wort in conicals? Is it worth the effort?
  17. Surly

    Source of High temp silicone tubing at a good price

    I am in need of purchasing some replacement tubing for my brewery. High temp with at least some visibilaty to liquid in tubing is preferred. Somebody know of a good source?
  18. Surly

    Converting from 20LB portable L.P. tank to homes L.P. tank

    I have a single tier two burner brew rig. I have been using it with a 20 LB LP tank and it kicks butt. The burner are the 10" Hurricane/Banjo type. I had the local LP people come in and run a copper tube from my house tank to my new brew shed. They added a regulator. I am not getting...
  19. Surly

    Ventalation/Exhaust Fan sources

    I am developing a 12 by 19' dedicated brewing facility. It will be a three season brewing facility. My brewing set up includes a single stage duel 170BTU L.P. burners. I have a double door set up to the outdoors, two windows located nest the the brew rig and a door opening into my wood...
  20. Surly

    Yeast Harvesting Conical Style

    You folks with conicals: Do you wash your yeast after harvesting, or, do you just let it sit, decant and pitch. (Or store and make a starter before reusing.) I harvested about a gallon and a half from my 15 gallon fermentor. I will let it settle, then decant and consolidate from two...