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  1. StoneHands

    Regulator OK?

    Posted this in the equipment section originally, should've put it here. Anyone see anything wrong with this reg? I see that the low pressure gauge won't be very accurate since it's 0-160 (be nice if it was 0-60), that's something to work around though...
  2. StoneHands

    Bru'n Water and Water Report

    From my water board (values below), I get a range of values (as it should be, as I would think these values change throughout the year). Over the years, these ranges vary, but not by much, this latest report is fairly typical. For input in Bru'n Water, I've used the median value of the ranges...
  3. StoneHands

    NHC Dilemma

    I entered 3 beers in the National Homebrew Competition. One advanced. At this point, the bottles I set aside to send off, I've realized have a slight infection due to my bottling technique off the keg. It's not tremendously noticeable, but it's there (slight green apple) it's an Altbier. The keg...
  4. StoneHands

    Paintball regulator problem

    I have one of the Kegconnection paintball regulators (which I just now realized they aren't selling at the moment), it fits on the 20 oz paintball tank with the pinvalve. This is a good setup for me, so I'd like to keep using it. Anyway, the pressure creeps up on me, it's usually pegged at over...
  5. StoneHands

    Question for you keg jumpers

    For those of you that occasionally transfer the contents from one keg to another to help lessen the sediment, do you dump the first few ounces before making the bulk transfer? This is my plan: I plan on bulk priming in my bottling bucket, filling the first 2-2.5 gallons in bottles, and then...
  6. StoneHands

    What to do with Water Quality

    My annual report from the local water board lists a range for the brewing parameters (all but Chloride) all in mg/L or ppm: Calcium - 19.8 to 46.8 Magnesium - 3.68 to 6.75 Sodium - 3.45-7.58 Chloride - 6.21 Sulfate - 27.8 to 40.0 Total Hardness - 62.0 to 128 Total Alkalinity - 58.0 to...
  7. StoneHands

    Spunding or Air Relief

    Anyone have any experience with a spunding valve? I've seen these air relief valves like this but I'd like to find something that I can set a desired pressure, that bleeds off over a certain amount (what I consider a true spunding valve). I'd like to naturally carbonate in the keg. I know that I...
  8. StoneHands

    Thanksgiving "Find" (with pics)

    Thought I'd share. Took my family on the 10 hour trip down to my folks' house in Florida for Thanksgiving. A while back, I had asked my dad to make a mash paddle for me when he got a chance, he made two. Both out of cherry. The first one he put butcher block oil on it, it looks great, but after...
  9. StoneHands

    Bavarian Lagers in latest Zymurgy

    I received my copy of the latest Zymurgy yesterday, the Nov/Dec 2009. The article by Horst Dornbusch entitled "Bavaria's 'Extreme' Lagers" was really interesting to me. I wondered if anyone has tried the mashing technique he described, summed up for a 5 gallon batch, as this: Dough in really...
  10. StoneHands

    Bottling a lager

    Just need some reassurance. I'm bottling my first lager soon, it's still lagering at 32F right now. I pitched cold and fermented at 50F. I did not do a diacetyl rest (after tasting, no need) so maybe it got up to 55F when I transferred to the lagering vessel. For my priming sugar calcs, I'm...
  11. StoneHands

    Some lager advice

    I have an Oktoberfest lager at the end of a 3 week primary (OG 1.062, FG 1.016, used WLP 838). I used the "Igloo Cooler" method of keeping the carboy at or below 50, the bath stayed at 44 during high krausen by swapping out 2 qt bottles twice a day, keeping the beer at 50. This worked...
  12. StoneHands

    Oktoberfest "Beer Tent Beer"

    Anyone have any suggestions for an AG recipe for one of the beers they serve at Oktoberfest? If you've been, you realize what they serve doesn't really fit the style of Oktoberfest, more of a Helles. Should I just go with a slightly stronger helles? I thought the Spaten/HB/Augustiner/Hacker were...