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  1. emit31

    new brew rig in the making

    hey everyone - i am in the process of building a brew rig, and would appreciate any feedback during the build. Trying not to spend thousands on this thing, keeping most things DIY. I will update as i progress, thanks in advance!
  2. emit31

    Couple ?s about new keg system

    Hey everybody, I'm planning on ordering a two keg setup from this week. I was wondering who out there finds it worth the money to get the Stainless kit, and whether or not to upgrade to a 10lb bottle. Thanks again for the advice!
  3. emit31

    Can LME go bad?

    Hey everyone, I purchased an extract kit about three weeks ago, and the liquid malt extract has been sitting in my garage since ( just realized this yesterday). Just wondering if anyone has had any adverse effects from LME sitting for awhile, or being exposed to sunlight? Thanks in advance.
  4. emit31


    Scored some tasty brews from a side job i did this morning, pretty excited. :mug: Ovila Dubbel, Sam Adams Rustic Saison, Sam Adams Longshot Honey B's Lavender Ale, Sam Adams Longshot Friar Hop Ale, Sam Adams Imperial White, Dogfish Aprihop, Stone Elcamino Unreal Black Ale, and a Stone Highway...
  5. emit31

    Simple Fermentation Chamber

    hey guys, just finished my fermentation chamber. Basically wanted to show how you can get away with using a $40 thermostat, already set up with a 120V outlet on it, from OSH. I apologize for the crappy pics.