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  1. HelperMunkee

    Aging and Kegging

    2 parter. I recently made a blonde ale that initially had a lot of "strawberry" flavor. Not the first time I've had this flavor in a blonde. 10# 2-row .5# Crystal 10 1.5 oz Saaz @ 60 .25 oz Saaz @ 15 .25 oz Saaz @ 5 Aging seems to be helping. Anyone ever had that, or see a reason for it...
  2. HelperMunkee

    Pliny the Elder - Currently in stock at...

    I live in Mass, and as such I cannot ship beer to myself, however that's what my NY friends are for...anyway. That site seems to have a good supply of Pliny in stock, although, I have received it yet so I can't comment on the freshness (although frankly, I doubt ol' Pliny...
  3. HelperMunkee

    Hilarious Intro to Fermentation

    :off: I saw this product on the internet and laughed. I had to post it for others to enjoy. Presumably the packets contain some yeast, and they advise "Add a packet of magic to a big bottle of juice." Although "it will turn into an alcoholic delight within 48 hours" sounds a bit...
  4. HelperMunkee

    Connecticut River Brewfest 9/10-9/12

    Anyone volunteering/going? I'll be working a booth somewhere on Saturday. Always a good show if you're in the area (MA/CT/VT). $30 All you can sample :mug:
  5. HelperMunkee

    Holy Whirfloc, Batman

    First time using whirfloc, loved it!!! :mug: I used to use Irish Moss with ok results. I was very surprised with the amount of break in the kettle (much, much, much more than with IMoss). Does anyone make allowances for this? By that I mean adding more water to the boil, or allowing the...
  6. HelperMunkee

    Hot Break or Not Break?

    As with many subjects in home brewing, there seems to be some debate about whether or not you need to boil extract to obtain the hot break. In the past I've steeped grain, then added extract. Once the wort is boiling and the hot break presents itself, then I begin the timer and add my first...