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  1. Barnesie

    DC Area Group Grain Buy #12

    Bookmarking to remind myself to look for the next buy...
  2. Barnesie

    Going crazy - does the Johnson A419 have an alarm or beeper?

    Just so this thread can have a conclusion, I figured out what the noise was. Turns out that Verizon FiOS has a battery backup unit (BBU) in their fiber modem they place in your house. Mine happens to be in the garage in a small closet in the back that we don't use, thus it was very hard to...
  3. Barnesie

    Advantage of tier system?

    The benefit of a three tier system is to use gravity instead of electric pumps, keeping your brewing simple and cost effective. The benefit of having a three tier system with burners on your HLT and brew kettle is to save your back so you don't have to lift anything.
  4. Barnesie


    Take this with a grain of salt: NB/Midwest seems to love taking already available commercial products, putting a trademarked name on them and then selling them at a markup over existing retail. If you want to buy a junk propane jet burner, just get any turkey fryer out there at any local...
  5. Barnesie

    Redesigned Blichmann Engineering AutoSparge

    I think there was anecdotal talk here and there that a pump could overdrive the assembly and shoot wort out, probably exactly what you're talking about. I didn't experience this myself, just heard talk that it "didn't work well with a pump". Looks like a nice solid upgrade to if I...
  6. Barnesie

    Redesigned Blichmann Engineering AutoSparge

    There were issues reported when using an autosparge with a pump. Is this still not recommended with the new version?
  7. Barnesie

    First all-grain setup with keggles?

    By the way, bobby's diptubes are here: Note that the diptubes are reversable. You set up the tube one way and it pulls from the center, you set it up the other and it can pull from the side.
  8. Barnesie

    First all-grain setup with keggles?

    Note that I started off my statement with the word "personally" which is usually a qualifier indicating experience relative to the poster. :D Personally, I don't find value with a sight glass on the brew kettle and that comes from actually having one. Heat shields are fine, but they are...
  9. Barnesie

    First all-grain setup with keggles?

    Personally, after installing a sight glass on my boil kettle - i wouldn't do it again. Even with a heat shield, the wort can easily boil out of the glass and make a mess. It's just one more hole in your BK that may potentially leak and there's very limited utility in a sight glass on the BK...
  10. Barnesie

    Pick one commercial brewery...

    The sub-question should be: If you could only choose between a commercial brewery and your own home brew for the rest of your life, how many seconds would it take you to say homebrew?
  11. Barnesie

    Pick one commercial brewery...

    Never thought this one out before, I suppose I'd have to hypothetically set aside things like proximity, availability and freshness - otherwise I'd just pick a local brewery. Also, I live 1 mile from a dogfish head alehouse, so dogfish is to me what AB/InBEV is to the rest of the planet - an...
  12. Barnesie

    Northern Brewer/Midwest Supplies merger

    I didn't know about this until I received nearly identical catalogs from both Midwest and NB in the mail today. Same products, same pricing, designed by the same layout artists no doubt... And then there is the fact that both catalogs were sent under the same US Postage permit, so I guess we...
  13. Barnesie

    Virginia Stout 7.3 Gallon Conical Fermenter

    Very tempting, but this weekend is the wife's birthday - not mine, so this would be a hard sell.
  14. Barnesie

    Going crazy - does the Johnson A419 have an alarm or beeper?

    It does have a battery backup and it is brand new, so there's something to look into. I did think about that the other day, so I'll check that when I get home.
  15. Barnesie

    Going crazy - does the Johnson A419 have an alarm or beeper?

    Still at a loss, but I think it might be coming from my brand new garage door opener. At this point I don't think it's the controller for the keggerator though. I haven't been spending a lot of time in the garage to analyze this properly, but I did just get a new dartboard that I'll be hanging...
  16. Barnesie

    Going crazy - does the Johnson A419 have an alarm or beeper?

    Something in my garage is beeping and I have no idea where it's coming from. It seems to be totally random and only beeps once every few hours or so, so I have not been able to identify it yet. Help me out here by narrowing the possibility, does the Johnson A419 have any type of audible...
  17. Barnesie

    Hoppiest commercial brew you have ever drank?

    Also, sculpin - didn't understand the love for that beer. Had it on tap and thought it was OK, had it in a bottle and couldn't get past the garlic and onions. I'm sure it's just me, but I really don't need to have it again.
  18. Barnesie

    Hoppiest commercial brew you have ever drank?

    I've been lucky enough to have Pliney, Ruination, 120 on a regular basis, Heady, palate wrecker, hoptimum, hop stoopid, etc. For some reason Sixpoint Resin does stick out in my mind a lot more than the rest mentioned. That's not to say I think it's the best beer, but to my palate it might be...
  19. Barnesie

    Chili: Discuss

    So what have we learned? Peppers are weird Chili is good Beans are optional (or heretical) Typing in all caps lets people know you're SUPER SERIOUS Everyone on a forum is a expert You can't win the internet by arguing, but it doesn't stop people from trying
  20. Barnesie

    Keggle mash tun recirculation

    I just lay a long enough length of tubing directly on top of the mash and recirc that way (with no fitting on the end - just single sided hose). No port, no drilling and still just as versatile.