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  1. boo boo

    New Brewery In Ontario

    Anyone travelling to Ottawa, Ontario region of Canada, should check out the beers offered by this new brewery . I have had the Honey Ale before he went pro and can tell you it is a great brew. Also had one of his Rye ales.. also good. Although the...
  2. boo boo

    How to make Iceberg beer

    Well my sig is how to BBQ an elephant.. but in this case how to make an iceberg beer.. first you get your ice.. And it is a little tricky getting
  3. boo boo

    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there... especially those of you that brew ;) :mug::mug::mug::mug::mug::mug:
  4. boo boo

    Magnetic yeast anyone Just got this off my mailing list
  5. boo boo


    Ever had a brew that even though it is supposed to be lagered for months, tastes so good that you'll have trouble keeping your hands off it until it matures? I'm drinking a Schwarzbier I made 2 weeks or so ago that I racked into a keg for lagering. I took a small sample to taste and it was...
  6. boo boo

    Show your tap handles

    Show me your fancy ( or not ) tap handles. I have mine disassembled, and have them spray painted with chaulkboard paint so I can personalize my keg offerings. I have others I use from time to time also, but no pictures, I think. I'll check.
  7. boo boo

    Finally back to brewing

    After brewing so much this spring that I didn't have room to make any more beer, and after drinking much of said beer on my holidays, I finally have room to make more beer. I made a Helles today and am going to make another Helles tomorrow before going back to work Tuesday. To say I missed it...
  8. boo boo

    Electric Brewery on TBN

    The Electric Brewery will be a topic on The brewing Network on Sunday April 3rd Good luck Kal
  9. boo boo


    Looks like the spammers have got hold to us. Mods ?
  10. boo boo

    Pellet vs Leaf

    I've always went with leaf hops for the last 4 years, but after using some pellet hops given me by a fellow member who recently went to school, found the flavours imparted by the pellet to be superior to that of the leaf I had been using. I buy from Hops Direct for the most part, and have...
  11. boo boo

    New conical

    I got a new conical from these guys which arrived yesterday. Vice piece of work and the shipping was super fast. Can't wait to get a brew in there.
  12. boo boo

    Happy Turkey day

    Hey, just wanna say a happy Thanksgiving to all my American brewing pals here on HBT, and that means all you guys. Eat, drink and enjoy the day and don't do anything I wouldn't do! :mug:
  13. boo boo

    And the results are in.....

    Congrats to Mark Heise of the A.L.E.S. club of Sask. for his gold medal for a IPA in the 2009 NHC comp. Way to go Mark. :mug:
  14. boo boo

    Beer to the AHA finals

    Has anyone found out how us Canadians can get our brews into the states leaglly other than actually bringing it across the border in the event any of our brews make it past the first round of the AHA comp? Getting the first round entries for us to Sask. isn't hard as a courrier will get it...
  15. boo boo

    Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

    I have a bottle of SA Chocolate Bock which I'll be opening tomorrow night. I have to say it better be worth it. I paid $14 for it at my liquor store and it is the most I have ever paid for an imported beer. In any case it will be drank. It's just that I hope I appreciate it.:mug:
  16. boo boo

    Dirty Jobs

    Mike Rowe is doing a segment on hop farming on his show " Dirty Jobs " on Nov 25th on Discovery channel. God, how he can call that a dirty job is beyond me. Nov 25, 9:00 pm (60 minutes) Remind Me Dirty Jobs Vellum Maker TV-14 Mike travels to Yakama, Washington to harvest hops, the...
  17. boo boo

    Donate to me

    Anyone else insulted by this addition to our profiles? If I want to pay for a membership, then I'm sure I could raise the funds myself. I don't need to beg for anything.
  18. boo boo

    My Iceberg Pilsener

    My iceberg pils turned out great. One slight flaw is that it isn't as clear as I would have liked. I should have polish filtered it but didn't want to strip any flavour from it. I can read through a glass of beer, but it don't have that bright clear look. Oh well, I'll have to wait until I can...
  19. boo boo

    You better give up HBT

    Reading and posting to HBT WILL cause you to make better beer than you ever thought possible. All this great beer will cause you to drink more of it so you can brew more. It's a plot to make all of us alcoholics. Before you know it, we'll be entering our brews in contests to see who made the...
  20. boo boo

    Iceberg Lager Beer

    I have the means and the ingredients to do an authentic iceberg lager beer. I start by getting some ice from this monster.