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  1. justflow1983

    Hop conversions in BeerAlchemy

    How do I take into account different hop AA% between recipes in a particular batch and what is listed in my recipe? Currently, I am calculating the new hop weight in a separate spreadsheet and then updating the batch info manually. This ought to be something that is done automatically...
  2. justflow1983

    Didn't properly clean new wort chiller

    I bought a copper coil immersion chiller (didn't DIY, its from Brupaks) and I boiled it in hot water with some vinegar for 20 minutes. I must not have used enough vinegar, because the beer that I made the next day, and chilled with the chiller, tastes metallic. I am bottling it today. Will...
  3. justflow1983

    Ran out of caps!

    I was 7 caps short when I bottled yesterday. The brew had a bit more in it than usual and I knew I was going to cut it close, but I was supposed to have 300 more delivered yesterday. The finally arrived today. I left the last 7 bottles in a dark(er) corner of my kitchen with aluminium foil...
  4. justflow1983

    Bubbles in filler tube?

    Has anyone had trouble with bubbles in the fill tube from their bottling bucket? I seem to get a few bubbles spinning around in the valve. Is this something I should worry about or should I just discount a minor annoyance?
  5. justflow1983

    Bottle carbing too warm

    So, I have a bit of a dilemma... I've got about 90 bottles of beer for Thanksgiving, that I bottled last week. They're in a room right now that's about 60F, but the only other option I have for storage is to put them in a closet with my hot water tank that fluctuates between about 70 and 85 or...
  6. justflow1983

    Toasted Malt, what to use

    I have a recipe that calls for Toasted Malt. Do I just toast my own? I'm an extract brewer, so I don't have regular malt sitting around but I can get some. My LHBS doesn't have any toasted malt that I can find on his site, and he's a pain to drive out to.
  7. justflow1983

    How long does a WING CAPPER last?

    I'm just curious how long wing cappers go for. I'd hate to have a handle snap off halfway through bottling a batch of beers. I was getting some bad seals on my last batch and I don't know if it was the capper or the smaller than usual bottles.
  8. justflow1983

    Stout smells of paint thinner?

    I think my stout (brew #5) that I brewed last week has an infection but I'm not sure. I took a sample to get the OG and it smelled very "boozy" with almost a chemical smell to it. It tasted alright, sort of like flat guiness with instant coffee added. The beer was underpitched and took a...
  9. justflow1983

    Silencer for an airlock?

    I'm the kind of guy who can't take a ticking clock.... that burb burb burb in the next room is driving me crazy... Doesn't anyone have any tips on how to make it a little quieter? Would a blowoff tube make less noise?
  10. justflow1983

    How do I store 25kg of DME?

    I posted this in the Extracts forum but wanted to see if I got any different ideas from here: My Local online home brew shop has 25kg bags of light DME for the same price as 4 3kg bags. While this is a huge cost savings, how does one actually store the stuff without getting 25kg of toffee...
  11. justflow1983

    How do you store 25kg of Malt extract?

    My Local online home brew shop has 25kg bags of light DME for the same price as 4 3kg bags. While this is a huge cost savings, how does one actually store the stuff without getting 25kg of toffee...? Also, does the beer taste less fresh if the extract gets stale? I'd love to shave 15...
  12. justflow1983

    Lactose substitution

    I have a recipe that asks for lactose, but since I'm lactose intolerant I'd prefer to leave it out. What sort of effect does it add to the beer, and is there a substitution I can add? They're asking for 1 lb of the stuff, so I'm assuming it must have a pretty strong effect on the final product.
  13. justflow1983

    When should I remove hops?

    When should I take the hops out of my beer after brewing my extract recipes? I've been straining them out right after flameout, before I cool the beer down.
  14. justflow1983

    Brewer's Yeast as nutrition for starter?

    In reading over the section on yeast nutrition in How to Brew I came across Palmer's recommendation that one add nutrients to the starter wort. Its my first time using a liquid yeast and I didn't pick any nutrients up (LHBS is a 2 hr drive) but in his list of nutrients he lists yeast hulls as...
  15. justflow1983

    Aborted Fermentation?

    I'm fermenting my first brew, so bear with me. I have a kit IPA in my primary fermenter, me and the brewing buddy wanted to give the equipment a go before we bothered with anything other than pouring the cans of extract in and closing it up. The airlock in my fermenter started bubbling about...