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  1. rickfrothingham

    Strange taste in the last few beers

    Hoping someone can help me out here... I know troubleshooting is hard without getting to try the beer firsthand, but I've passed it around a few homebrewers in my area and no one can identify quite what's going on. I'm putting it here in the bottling/kegging section because the flavor didn't...
  2. rickfrothingham

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Pecan Pie Barleywine

    At the request of a related thread on wax sealing technique, here is my recipe for a Pecan-infused Barleywine. The inspiration was to create an American Barleywine with a uniquely southern character, meant for contemplative enjoyment between Thanksgiving and New Years. I incorporated two...
  3. rickfrothingham

    Pale Ale, IPA label design scheme, several versions

    So i made up a new label for an american pale ale i have in my secondary - I'm looking for any feedback/recommendations/constructive criticism here, so let me know! I made the logo in photoshop, and used a variety of techniques from various online logo tutorials Cascarillo Cottontail logo...
  4. rickfrothingham

    Caffeinated HomeBrew

    I searched around and couldn't find anything about using caffeine in beer other than various coffee drinks, which is not what i'm going for. I want a beer to start off a big night with, giving a good caffeine boost to get things going. The FDA is moving towards banning the use of caffeine in...