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  1. dkeller12

    Brew Your Own Magazine BOGO

    My buy one get one free renewal for BYO magazine is here. Anyone want to split it with me, $15 gets you a one year subscription. DM me. Thanks
  2. dkeller12

    Anyone want to split Brew Your Own subscription?

    As the title states, I got my renewal BOGO offer and thought I would see if anyone wants to split it with me. $15 (usually $30) for the year. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. dkeller12

    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    So I ordered a few kits from NB as I couldn't beat the price locally. One of the kits is the Gaarden Hoe witbier which includes flaked wheat. I usually don't mill flaked wheat as it is not needed, but NB is forcing me to do so since they mixed the flaked wheat with the rest of the unmilled...
  4. dkeller12

    Brew Your Own BOGO - Anyone want to split it?

    I got my Brew Your Own magazine buy one get one free offer in the mail, anyone who is not already getting the magazine want to split the cost? $15 for a year subscription versus the full $30 price. PM me if you are interested and we can work it out. Thanks!!!
  5. dkeller12

    Water Question - Which calcium to use in water calculator?

    Hey everyone - I recently got my local water report and noticed that it contains two calcium measurements and I am not exactly sure which one to use. Can someone let me know which I should use and why? Thanks,
  6. dkeller12

    Brew Your Own subscription BOGO

    Anyone want to split the Buy One Get One offer I have for Brew Your Own Magazine? $15 will get you a year subscription (8 issues). First come, first service. PM me if interested. Thanks!!!
  7. dkeller12

    BOGO brew your own...wanna split it?

    Just got my buy one get one Brew You Own magazine renewal offer today and will split it with someone ($15/each) if anyone is interested. Private message if you are interested. First come, first serve.
  8. dkeller12

    Half price BYO subscription...who wants to split it?

    I just received my buy one get one Brew Your Own subscription offer. Anyone want to split it? PM me and we can set it up. UPDATE: TAKEN
  9. dkeller12

    Kegerator Shopping

    Anybody know of a good place to purchase a kegerator? I got the ok from the wife to get a kegerator after she finally got tired of all the bottles in the house. I don't have time to put one together with 2 young kids taking up most, if not all of my free time. I have been looking around online...
  10. dkeller12

    Columbia/Chapin SC Brewers - Water Data

    I am trying to get my water dialed in since moving here from FL, much soft water here, but with a tight budget I cannot pay for a Wards report right now. I received numbers from the water dept. but I don't think they are accurate as they don't jive with how Bru'n Water says they should be. If...
  11. dkeller12

    New State, New Water

    So I recently moved from Florida to South Carolina and the water is very different here. In Florida we had hard high alkaline water which worked out for darker style beers. I never had much success at lighter styles but tended to brew darker anyway. I never made water adjustments in FL and based...
  12. dkeller12

    Mixing Yeast Types - HELP

    So I just realized that I am short one package of yeast for my pumpkin ale that I was starting to brew today. The estimated OG per Beersmith is 1.065 for my pumpkin ale that I was going to do and it calls for two packages of US-05 of which I have one. I do however have a package of Muntons...
  13. dkeller12

    New too mead..need simple newbie recipe

    As the title says I am looking to start making mead and have 10 lbs of honey ready to go. I just need a simple...good tasting...recipe to start with that will start me making mead. Anybody have a great recipe that I can start with? I am looking to start with a 1 gallon batch. Any suggestions...
  14. dkeller12

    Collecting brewing water early

    So I am trying to shave some time off my brew day for SWMBO and was thinking about collecting my water a few days before I brew...I filter it slowly through a carbon filter...and was wondering if anyone thought this was a bad idea. It may sit sealed up in an empty fermentor for a few days. Any...
  15. dkeller12

    How old is too old for crushed grains?

    I ordered some all grain kits during the holidays 2014 and because unforseen circumstances I still have one kit of crushed grain that I haven't used. They have been kept in the plastic bag that they were shipped in at room temp, mid 70's since then. Should I spend the time brewing this up or...
  16. dkeller12

    Any Columbia South Carolina brewers here?

    I am probably moving to the Chapin / Columbia area and was wondering how the water is in the area for brewing. Anybody out there live near there and care to share that with me I would greatly appreciate it. Also, what about LHBS in the area. I find one place Bet-Mar. Is it any good? I will be...
  17. dkeller12

    First starter

    I am making my first starter as I type this and I just took a gravity reading and I am a little high, 1.045. Should I dilute this down to under 1.040 or leave it be? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  18. dkeller12

    Water report help!

    So I wanted to get more information about my water report, but don't really know what to look for, so I thought I may get some insight into it from some more experienced water adjusting brewers. Any info you may give me to help me learn this new topic would be greatly appreciated. PINELLAS...
  19. dkeller12

    1000ml erlenmeyer...too small?

    I have a 1000ml erlenmeyer flask and want to start making starters but I am wondering if this is too small of a flask. I usually brew beer under 1.056. Should this be good or do I really need to get a bigger flask?
  20. dkeller12

    IPA question

    I have brewed about 20 batches of beer, but just switched over to all grain brewing. The first was recipe was an amber ale that was great. The second is a dry stout that is bottle conditioning now but tasted great at bottling and the last, and the reason for this post, was an IPA that I am...