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    Mash Tun drain location, does it matter?

    Does anyone have thoughts on the MT drain location? Given a round mash tun with a uniform false bottom (such as the perforated stainless ones many of us have), if we were to compare a location in the center, vs more near the outside of the kettle what difference does it make? If it is...
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    Economical PID units (i.e. InkBird) vs. "higher" end

    I'm finally adding PID control to my vessels. I'm finding inkbird kits for $35 which include the SSR, controller, probe and heat sink (although, I'll probably use a different probe and heat sink anyway). There are other cheaper units as well. I'm also looking at the ebrewsupply PID...
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    Recirculation Brewing (RIMS/HERMS) vs. traditional

    Traditional I suppose being single infusion, decoction, etc.... "not recirculating", I guess. I apologize if this topic has been beatin' to death already, but all I can seem to find are RIMS vs. HERMS threads. Now, there is no denying that systems which are based on constant recirculation are...
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    20 or 25 gallon Concord (80 vs 100 qt)

    I'm building a bigger 3 vessel system, and I have 15 gallon keggles that I'll be using for HLT, and MLT. I'm debating on getting the concord 20 or 25 gallon for the boil kettle, for the purpose of doing 12.5 to 15 gallon batches for thinner lower octane beers. I'll probably most commonly do...
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    Blue Hawk 5 gallon paint strainer - Plastic?

    I just picked up some paint strainers from lowes, the brand is blue hawk. I notice now that nowhere on the package does it say it is "nylon", and on the lowes website, it says the material is "plastic". I was going to use this as my hop bag solution on a brew that'll boil in about 10 minutes...
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    HERMS recirc rate, mash out, and grain bed compaction

    I haven't really been able to find a clear answer on this by searching, so I'm starting a new thread. Step mashing seems to be a debate amoung many on whether or not you are really "step" mashing, and I get that. I'm more interested in what is possible for temperature ramp up rates in a...
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    Source for Male NPT Full Port Ball Valve???

    This is exactly what I'm looking for: Although, I don't want 1,000 of them. I can't seem to find a ball valve like this with the male NPT on the input...
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    Dimpling with the butt weld reducer - couplings are smaller??

    So I bought the fittings from mcmaster carr to do the DIY dimpling by drawing a 1/2" by 3/4" reducer through. I did a test on the cut out from the keggle, and it dimpled it just fine, but when I drew the coupling through, it wasn't terribly tight. When I compare the coupling to the fat end...
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    Solder size for fittings 1/8 vs 1/16

    Perhaps, this is a silly question, but I never did fine a clear answer. Are there any benefits for using one vs. other for soldering in fittings? Most of my fittings will be couplings drawn through dimpled holes, but for the element I'm using the large welding spud from brewhardware...
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    Recipe Calls for Kent Goldings, but I have both fuggles and willamette

    I made an Irish Red a few months ago that went over well... well, kinda. It was kind of an accident recipe made from leftovers I had laying around. Grains were pale malt, vienna, little biscuit and a 40L, 1 oz. of kent goldings for 60m, and another oz for 10m. It turned out the "leftovers...
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    Whirlpool tube size

    So, my plan is to whirlpool through a homemade counter flow chiller in order to chill and whirlpool at the same time, and also keep the plumbing simpler (feel free to speak up if this idea by itself is a bad one for any reason). My concern, is what diameter tube to use? The standard homemade...
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    Keggle Boil Kettle drain location

    I've ended up with a few kegs from friends that tried to return them and they wouldn't take them back for whatever reason (not sure why). Some of them have had them for years and just near returned them. All I know is that they were free :) So, I'm making a brew system with them. I'm...