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  1. Charlieatthedisco

    California Brews by smith stc-1000 + brand new

    Never used it bought it and decided to go another route. Well built unit! Non led. 60 bucks shipped Charles
  2. Charlieatthedisco

    Broken welds on conical

    Hey guys. I picked up a Chinese made conical fermenter from another home Brewer and unfortunately one of the welds are leaking that connect to a coupling!! Lame! Any suggestions on how to go about fixing? Take it to a shop? Thanks
  3. Charlieatthedisco

    Stainless compression bulkheads (2) $50 shipped

    Brand new two compression bulkheads. 50 bucks shipped. Charles
  4. Charlieatthedisco

    50' stainless coil 304 .035 $50

    Bought this from stainless brewing for a rims system I was going to build and decided not to go that route. You will need to re bend the ends. 50 feet 3/8 304 stainless. $50 plus shipping?
  5. Charlieatthedisco

    HERMS COIL bends?

    Hey all! Building a HERMS rig and received my 50ft Stainless 1/2in coil today in the mail. Unfortunately forgot to ask for two 90 degree bends in it. I don't have a tubing bender that won't collapse the tubing. Any suggestions as to how I can bend it? or which bender works (where I can return...
  6. Charlieatthedisco

    HERMS Coil Install question

    Hey guys!!! Just got in my HERMS coil from stainless brewing and I'm trying to figure out the spacing on where I should drill the holes for my compression fittings. I have a Keggle that this will be going into with compression fittings for top and bottom, just want to know what spacing I should...
  7. Charlieatthedisco

    Sanke coupler for fermentation

    Picked up a sanke from a buddy for free! Have a couple sanke couplers and did some research but can't wrap my head around how to configure the coupler so I can use this sanke as a fermenter? What parts would I need besides the coupler and so on? I read a pressure valve is needed but which one...
  8. Charlieatthedisco

    What herms coil length

    The long debate about what length has overwhelmed me in my herms build. Would 25ft of 1/2 stainless be sufficient enough or should I go with the 50ft big boy? Hlt is a keggle. Or 3/8? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  9. Charlieatthedisco

    Weld herms coil fittings?

    Trying to get my herms system going here. Does anyone weld or solder their compression bulkheads to their kettle at all? Or is the weld less fittings the way to go? Just trying to save some money where I can. Thanks Charles Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  10. Charlieatthedisco

    Herms coil

    Hello all, anyone have a herms coil for sale? Copper or stainless. 1/2in 50 ft would be awesome Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. Charlieatthedisco

    Ug need new mash tun

    Wanting to upgrade to ten gal batches and the only thing holding me back is the mash tun. My previous mash tun was a ten gal rubber maid cooler so my current set up does not have a burner and I don't want to go that route but what I do have is an xtra 15.5 gal keg. If I wrapped insulation around...
  12. Charlieatthedisco

    Strike water and sparge water amount

    Might be a dumb question but what iphone brew software offers these calculations on a brew day ( if not all)? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  13. Charlieatthedisco

    Grain Storage

    Hey guys, after a two year stint of not brewing, I am back in the game!:mug: That being said I have two home depot buckets worth of grain that I can't help myself to dump in the trash...I am assuming that grain stored in buckets in a cool garage may not last two years...or does it? I don't want...
  14. Charlieatthedisco

    Stc-1000 failure?

    Hey guys. Had a playoff party this last sun which my keezer was opened probably close to 100 times. My controller, the stc-1000, was wired into the collar and Monday night I opened my keezer to find it being warm as balls and the controller was off even though plugged in. I unplugged it and it...
  15. Charlieatthedisco

    Whiskey beer?

    Hey! I have been hearing around about whiskey beer. Not really sure how one would make this and the aging process. Is it aged in a whiskey barrel? Or is whiskey added to it? Did a quick search and couldn't really find much info on it. If anyone has any knowledge or recipes then that would be...
  16. Charlieatthedisco

    Can hops be picked too late?

    Hey guys, earlier this spring my wife and I bought a house so I decided to take a stab at growing hops in my backyard so I planted 4 cascade hop plants. I know hops are usually harvested in sept but since the weather here in Northern California has been warm I already have hops that are fully...
  17. Charlieatthedisco

    Keezer Cycling

    Hey guys, my keezer has been running for about a week now, I am using the STC-100 controller with all settings that were recommended somewhere on this forum. The freezer thermostat itself is set to the coldest. The problem is that it goes on for about 5 mins, gets down to the temp and then...
  18. Charlieatthedisco

    Giants will clinch tonight

    NL west is ours!
  19. Charlieatthedisco

    Holiday 7.0 keezer

    Hey, Just purchased a holiday 7.0 freezer from loses, it arrives tomorrow! In the meantime I was wondering what the smallest size collar I can build for it is. I have read around different threads and I hear 7,8 and 10 inches, what do you all think? thanks in advance
  20. Charlieatthedisco

    What type of propane regulator

    What type of propane regulator is needed for these types of burners? 0-10psi adjustable? or 0-30? does it matter? Thanks