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  1. Namako

    BCS 460 or....

    It's an old thread, but I thought I'd add a suggestion that favors the use of the BCS-462 over the BCS-460, at least for those that use plate chillers or counter flow chillers (CFC). I use the extra 4 temp probes inputs to monitor the temps of the liquids entering and exiting my CFC. While I'm...
  2. Namako


    I'm still in negotiations with the Navy, but my wife, daughter and I are planning on relocating to Guam in April/May from Anchorage/Eagle River, Alaska. During one of our more recent meetings up here of the Great Northern Brewers Club, I was talking about the relocation, and one of our members...
  3. Namako


    When I lived on Oahu, I used to be a walk-in customer of Homebrew in Paradise, and later, when I moved to Yokosuka, Japan, they would either ship to me or I would keep a list, send it to them a couple of weeks ahead of time, and then walk in and buy what I needed on my next trip to the islands...
  4. Namako


    I know it's been a few years since you posted this, so I'm assuming you got there... and maybe even have left already. ;) Just curious what you found out... I'm entertaining a relocation to Guam in the next couple of months, and I too will be bringing my home brewery with me, hoping to be...
  5. Namako

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    I'll PM my shipping address... I'm IN!!
  6. Namako

    Show us your panel

    I have a 2-year-old that likes to play in the garage... and my "panel" is down low (built into my bench), so she CAN reach it. ;)
  7. Namako

    Automated Valves - Are They Worth It?

    count me in for a few!!
  8. Namako

    float switches

    What?? No sparks?? I was hoping for sparks!!! :mug:
  9. Namako

    float switches

    For each of the Blichmann BoilCoils in the brew system that I'm continually building, I'm using two GEMS float switches (LS-7, 164870, eBay) mounted low in the HLT and BK to protect the elements from dry-firing; these switches are wired inline with the 5VDC signal heading to the SSR. Once the...
  10. Namako

    float switches

    How about using the Blichmann Autosparge, which would shut off flow to the tank when the level hits the mark you set?
  11. Namako

    BCS 2 Vessel No Sparge Garage Brewery Build

    Those relay boards are also available through Amazon in 2-, 4-, 8- and 16-relay editions, with and without DIN rail mounts. They ship from Hong Kong, but it doesn't take very long - less than a week, as I recall. Here is a link to the 5VDC version I bought for the BCS...
  12. Namako

    Show us your panel

    Sweeeeeet!! Maybe try to incorporate a drip tray? Nice solution!
  13. Namako

    Dial thermometer in HLT

    Maybe I'm just "old school," but there is something comforting about confirming what the electronics are saying by using an analog gauge... YMMD
  14. Namako

    panel designer

    I can attest to the product as well. I have two panels I designed with the software, and then purchased. They are perfectly accurate and flawless. Really puts the professional touch on the brewstand!!
  15. Namako

    Drawing a wiring diagram?

    I use Microsoft Visio.
  16. Namako

    BCS 462 , 4 element, 3 pump, 2 x 50amp circuits

    ThreeDogsNE, I ended up with four circuits in my garage - the one that came with the garage is a 120V/20A circuit w/GFCI in the breaker box. I had an electrician pull two additional 240V/30A circuits and an extra 120V/20A circuit to my brew area. The general circuit powers up the brewstand...
  17. Namako

    Diagram for BCS 462 with motorized valves

    The BCS output will be on and off throughout the brew session anyway, so it's going to be used both ways - I'll start out recirculating water within the HLT (flow of water to the left upon leaving the pump), and eventually moving water over to the MT (flow of water to the right upon leaving the...
  18. Namako

    Diagram for BCS 462 with motorized valves

    When I went back to look, I noticed an error on the power out leads from the 5VDC power supply. The previous PDF has been corrected and uploaded again. All that is left is to determine which initial state I want for each of the seven motorized valves, and then figure out whether I can achieve...
  19. Namako

    Diagram for BCS 462 with motorized valves

    I intended for the -12VDC to be the negative side of the power supply, hence the "-" in front of the 12VDC, and the +12VDC to be the positive side, again hence the "+" in front of the 12VDC. That's how they're coming off of the 12VDC Mean Well power supply. The red, green and black colors I'm...
  20. Namako

    Diagram for BCS 462 with motorized valves

    Regarding the valves... my guess is that the actuator keeps the two 12VDC circuits isolated, much like a mechanical contactor keeps the coil and contactor circuits separated. One +12VDC is simply hot all the time, while the second +12VDC operates a coil, pulling the contactor with the other...