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  1. dkennedy

    Growth on Stout- Add Fruit?

    Folks- I have an Irish Stout that seems to have decided to play host to some form of colony- looks very much like the second picture in this post. Here is my subject, lesser quality photo than in the other thread. Beer smells and tastes okay at first, but has a mildewy tone to it. It is...
  2. dkennedy

    Great Taste 2015

    App and program are up in their respective places, with some minor layout changes this year. Who's going / counting the hours? If the weather holds like it is then it should be a Beautiful day.
  3. dkennedy

    Home-smoked malt for Vindaloo Pale

    That annoying part of my brain (you know the one- the "do penguins have knees" at 2 AM side) is pretty intent on trying to smoke some base malt over a vindaloo spice mix. Inspired by Ballast Point's Indra Kanindra, but ultimately want to use this malt in a more session-able Pale. The problem...
  4. dkennedy

    First Brew- Fermentation Question(s)

    All, Hopefully quick questions, now that I've bought stuff before detailed research here. Planning on brewing my first two batches tomorrow, the 'None More Black Stout' recipe posted by histo320 (with slight mods due to availability), and a Spotted Cow clone (largely for a co-worker, but...