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  1. HBngNOK

    Ooma Telo Users?

    We're a diverse bunch! Do we have any Ooma users here? What do you think, would you recommend it?
  2. HBngNOK

    It would be a great Hef.....

    Cloudy and redolent with cloves,,,,, but it's supposed to be a sierra pale ale :o. I didn't make a starter, and I didn't have as vigorous of a boil as I should have had. But I'm going to drink it anyway! ;)
  3. HBngNOK

    Happy Starter!

    WLP 001 for AHS's Cascadian Dark Ale for Saturday's brew day. Fred
  4. HBngNOK

    Skeeter Pee Expirement

    As my wife says, "Skeeter Pee is dangerously good." Why mess with a classic? I dunno, I like variety, and I was looking for a way to cut down on the sugar. I made a batch of skeeter pee, using a starter of 64 oz of white grape juice and a pack of EC 1118. Rather than add more lemon juice at...
  5. HBngNOK

    Label Peeler's 25% off Coupon

    Ordered a Selection Estate Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel kit from them this morning. Reposted from General Beer Discussion:
  6. HBngNOK

    Used 750 ml wine bottles

    Central Oklahoma or there-abouts...Tres Suenos, a local winery, has used 750 ml wine bottles for sale, 25 cents each, or a case of 12 for $3.00. These are empties from various wine tastings/festivals they've had.