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  1. Lcasanova

    HBT Comp- Gluten Free Category

    If you guys are interested, the 2nd HBT Competition will be happening soon and there is a possibility that there will be a special category for Gluten Free beers. there and let them know you want the Gluten Free category annnndddd then enter! Here is the post with the details...
  2. Lcasanova

    Hatter Royale Hopquila

    I was at a Binny's (local liquor/beer store) today for a tasting and I noticed this in the aisles while walking around. It was in the beer section even though it isn't exactly a beer. Tequila + Centennial= Has anyone out there tried this? Here is a link to the Hopquila on their...
  3. Lcasanova

    GF Brewers Using Beersmith

    DKershner had a good idea of putting together our collective 'custom' ingredients from Beersmith. I suppose if you are using any other brewing software you could post the details here too. I added sorghum syrup to mine, here's what it looks like: Feel free to add any of your...
  4. Lcasanova

    Starting up again

    Ever since I moved in with SWMBO and her family I've had zero time to brew and zero space to brew. Then I was studying for the CPA exam, then SWMBO opened a dance studio and guess who had to do most of the work on the build-out? Me. I've been listening to old Brewing Network sessions and...
  5. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Saison

    Ingredients: ------------ 6 lbs Sorghum Syrup (60 min) 1 lb 8 oz clear candi sugar (60 min) 1 lb 4 oz dark brown sugar (60 min) 1 lb Brown Rice Syrup (15 min) 3 oz Spalter, pellet 4.2% (60 min) 2 oz Saaz, pellet 3.4% (10 min) .25 oz corriander seed, cracked (5 min) .25 tsp seeds of...
  6. Lcasanova

    Using Starbuck's Via in a beer

    Having planned to brew a coffee porter this fall I've been looking into brewing with coffee and when to add it. A few days ago my girlfirend was given a box of Starbuck's Via, since she doesn't drink coffee it went to me. I gave it a try the other day and while I don't think it quite stands up...
  7. Lcasanova

    Alternative Grain Beer Gluten Free Double IPA

    Ingredients: ------------ 9 lbs Sorghum Syrup (15 min) 2 lbs Brown Rice Syrup (15 min) 2.50 oz Warrior, pellet 16.8% (90 min) .50 oz Chinook, pellet 11.4% (90 min) 1.0 oz Simcoe, pellet 12.2% (45 min) 1.0 oz Columbus, pellet 14.2% (30 min) 2.25 oz Centennial, pellet 8.3% (flameout)...
  8. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Blood Orange Hefe

    Adapted from Dogfish Head's Blood Orange Hefe in Extreme Brewing Ingredients: ------------ 6 lbs Sorghum Syrup (60 min) .50 oz Hallertauer, pellet 3.8% (60 min) .50 oz Tettnang, pellet 4.7% (20 min) .50 oz Tettnang, pellet 4.7% (10 min) 1 tsp yeast nutrient (20 min) 4 Blood Oranges...
  9. Lcasanova

    Using a grill to roast your grains

    Just a little background here- being a gluten free brewer I obviously can't get any specialty grains and have to malt/roast them myself. So... Has anyone ever used their grill to roast some grains? My living situation has changed and I don't think my girlfriends family would appreciate the...
  10. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Wicked Messenger Wit

    Adapted from Wingdigstat's White Riot Belgian Ingredients: ------------ 7 lbs Sorghum Syrup (30 min) 1 oz Hallertauer, pellet 3.8% (60 min) .50 oz Hallertauer, pellet 3.8% (5 min) .25 oz corriander seed, cracked (flameout) .25 oz bitter orange peel (20 min) .5 oz sweet orange peel...
  11. Lcasanova

    I just dropped my carboy outside

    Thank god it was a better bottle! I was moving my double IPA outside since it was going to cool down these next few days and it totally slipped out of my hands- landed on one edge and shot out the air lock. Spattered some hops all over the balcony, screen door, and sweater covering it. I set...
  12. Lcasanova

    Stone now available in Chicago

    Just a quick note for those of you who don't know, Stone is now available in Chicago and Steve Wagner and Greg Koch will be touring the area at is the event listing I'll be at the Bavarian Lodge tomorrow at 4, see you Chicagoland brewers there
  13. Lcasanova

    DFH's Blood Orange Hefe- Gluten Free Style

    Here's the deal- I like to take some recipes I've read about that sound tasty and modify them so that they are celiac friendly...I've no idea how this will turn out but here's the recipe as it stands. Im brewing this next Saturday (April 10, 2010)...any recipe changes are welcome, but here it...
  14. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    Ingredients: ------------ Grains: 1 lb 8 oz Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats, roasted (1 SRM) 12 oz Wild Rice, roasted (350 SRM) 8 oz Millet, roasted (20 SRM) 4 lbs Brown Rice Syrup (60 min) 1 lb 4 oz Dark Candi Sugar (60 min) 1 lb Molasses (60 min) 3 lbs Sorghum Syrup (15...
  15. Lcasanova

    Brewing up a Gluten Free Beer this weekend- anyone else?

    Brewing an IIPA that I'm going to secondary with some oak soaked in Jack Daniel's. Having problems with the recipe, mainly because I may not be able to get some Amber Candi sugar and because it was a last minute decision. Really just an excuse to drink some beer, teach a friend to brew and...
  16. Lcasanova

    Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Ale

    Ingredients: ------------ 3 lbs Sorghum Syrup (60 min) 1 lb Sorghum, roasted (20 SRM) 1 oz East Kent Goldings, pellet 4.5% (60 min) .5 tsp Irish Moss (10 min) .5 tsp McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice (10 min) 4 oz Malto-Dextrine (5 min) 8 oz Honey (flameout) 1 pkg Nottingham Roast...