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  1. HBngNOK

    Do beer CAPPERS ever wear out ?

    Mine got "wonky" for lack of a better term, and seemed to be harder to align caps and bottles than it was when it was newer. It isn't the magnet, I think it's hinges got looser/sloppy, which made it harder to keep it aligned with the bottle. I replaced it with a bench capper, which I should...
  2. HBngNOK

    Boil off rate Bayou Classic 44 qt?

    I use a 40 quart aluminum kettle in my BIAB, and my boil-off is 18~19 percent of total volume (TV). Batch size + grain absorption + equipment loss + (TV-19%) = TV
  3. HBngNOK

    So I met this girl...

    Exactly! I'm sure she was nervous, and could have been releasing that nervousness through animated gesturing. Don't give up too quick! Give her more time to get to know you, then decide. Trust me. I haven't been in the dating game since 1968 :D .
  4. HBngNOK

    Hops in Containers

    How full are your planters? I'd add enough soil to bring the level up to within two or so inches of the top. With watering and time, the soil level will compact down to 3~4 inches from the top.
  5. HBngNOK

    What's the stuff at the bottom of my beer bottles? Normal?

    Yes it's normal. It's the spent yeast, hop residue, and whatever settling out. There are some threads about learning how to do the "home-brew pour" so you'll be able to leave the sludge in the bottle as you fill your glass.
  6. HBngNOK

    Still looking for used bottles

    I assume you've put the word out to your friends? I amassed my collection from friends, and dumpster diving at the local recycling center - before they closed :( . Tell your local bars why you need them, and see if they'd save some for you? (I tried that, but all the beer joints around me...
  7. HBngNOK

    Craft Beer IN Mexico

    My wife and I have spent a week in Cozumel the latter part of January for the last two years. Sol is a local favorite. I like Bohemia Obscura (Bohemia Dark), or Negro Modelo. Because of the German influence in Mexico, beers will tend towards German/Belgian/Swiss styles. :):) Why are you...
  8. HBngNOK

    Post your favorite funny or snarky sayings here

    When it gets right down to the nut-cuttin',,,,,,,,
  9. HBngNOK

    starter for expired yeast without stir plate?

    Agree! :D Stir plates are bright and shiny, like stainless steel.
  10. HBngNOK

    How much coconut....

    No, it's used, among other things, as a mixer for pina colodas. It's usually found with the drink mixes.
  11. HBngNOK

    How much coconut....

    Maybe use canned "cream of coconut"? Do some tasting as you add to see if it gives you the hint of coconut you're after? The more experienced brewers can chime in, but I don't know of any reason you couldn't hit the concoction with a dose of potassium sorbate to stop fermentation of the...
  12. HBngNOK

    Good low budget dry hopper...

    :D I dry hop in the same bucket I ferment in, so my approach may be different than yours. I splurged for the 2 for $2.50 one gallon paint strainer bags. I've re-used the same bag a number of times. I could of saved a little if I could have found a single bag instead of a 2-pack, but I'm low...
  13. HBngNOK

    All OXI Laundry Booster Free and Clear?

    Haven't used that particular Oxyclean knock-off, but have used others with no issues/problems. Using "Sun" now.
  14. HBngNOK

    Making Cheap Lemon Wine, can I pile on the sugar?

    You're working awfully hard to make Skeeter Pee.
  15. HBngNOK

    Full Hard Lemonade recipe

    No one knows. It drinks so easy no ones ever had a batch last that long ;) :D !
  16. HBngNOK

    Full Hard Lemonade recipe

    Really appreciate what you've done! Neighbor and I make quite a bit of skeeter pee. As soon as the batch I have clears, will be imitating you!!
  17. HBngNOK

    What is this residue on my empty bottles?

    I have a similar problem. As previously mentioned, a rinse, or wipe down with white vinegar removes the film.