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  1. pmd5700

    Passion Fruit Ale (SPF Clone)?

    Has anyone tried to make a clone of Goose Island's SPF? They list their main ingredients, hops, etc. on their site but I don't even know where to start with proportions, hop timing, and how to get the passion fruit flavor in. I tried searching here and elsewhere and haven't found anything yet.
  2. pmd5700

    Retro Kegerator

    I noticed a few retro style mini fridges. I've tried searching around and can't really find anyone that's used any of these. I don't want to order one if I can't fit 2 kegs in them. I'd feel most safe with the Danby one since I know other models have been used regularly. The Galanz one clearly...
  3. pmd5700

    A Few Questions Before My First Cider

    I'm getting ready to attempt my first hard cider. I have a 1 gallon glass jug, a #6 stopper, an airlock and 1 gallon of 100% apple juice (no preservatives). I have two questions. 1) I see many people just mentioning "add the yeast" but the package (Nottingham) mentions re-hydrating the yeast...
  4. pmd5700

    First Brew, A Few Questions

    I brewed my first extract kit on 1/15. It was a Weizenbeer kit. I followed the instructions on the kit, as most first time brewers do. And like most kits, the instructions didn't fully explain what I should be doing. Anyways, I took my first SG reading (instructions didn't mention taking SG...