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  1. billf2112

    High ABV

    The last three brews I have made have all come in higher than the recipe expected. I have gone from brew in a bag to a 5 gallon mash tun. I am not talking slightly higher but way higher. One was to be a strong weizen (7.5) but it ended up at 10.3, just tasted like alcohol. I like a stronger...
  2. billf2112

    Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Hello, I have a stout recipe that is well liked. Since my stout shelf is sadly empty it is time for a brewing. My wife and I recently went to a pub that had an amazing whiskey barrel stout on tap that she said tasted like mine but had an extra layer (I am turning my wife into a beer snob, she...
  3. billf2112

    Mash Tun Issue

    While brewing yesterday I got a stuck mash. After about a gallon came out the well appears to run dry. Of course it was not. I ended up having to use my mash paddle to rub back and forth on the braiding to get my mash liquid out. End result, the steel braiding is ruined. I now need to replace...
  4. billf2112


    I have made a lager and understand the process. My question is, in the final lagering stage after the d-rest, is it possible to lager the beer in a keg?
  5. billf2112

    Kegerator DIY Questions

    I am about to make the journey into a mini fridge kegerator, just a couple quick start up questions. I will be removing the inside skin/shelves from the door. I have noticed most peopke simple cut the outside of this and remount it. Has anyone use a full piece a flat plastic and just replaced...
  6. billf2112

    Wrong Yeast

    Today I brewed an Irish Red Ale. All went well until after going grocery shopping I found my Irish Ale Yeast in the fridge. I know I pitched yeast, I checked the garbage to find I pitch a German Wheat I had bought for another brew I did last month (was buy one get one free). So, what do you...
  7. billf2112

    Lower Than Expected FG

    I bottled my Honey Wheat yesterday. To start the entire brew process went perfect, it was my first time off of the electric stove and onto my new propane burner. I did my OG, was a little low. On my final gravity it was below a 1.01, I never had a FG that low before, I did a second reading and...
  8. billf2112

    Kegerator Regulator Question

    I am in final prep before I start buying the items to build a double tap kegger. Do I need a regulator with a guage for each keg or would splitter be good enough?
  9. billf2112

    Pumpkin Recipe Help

    I have never brewed a pumpkin brew before, but know many who have. I do know many commercial brewers do not even use pumpkin in thier brews. I will. My questions 1) when and where do you add the pumpkin? I was thinking in the secondary or late addition to the boil. 2) Spices, most relate...
  10. billf2112

    Boring Brewer?

    I am starting to feel like a boring brewer. I have very specific beer taste and although I do like to sample other brews, I get this at my brew club meetings. I have actually gotten into a brewing pattern. Red ale (my fav brew), a stout of some kind, an odd brew (lager, weizen...) Repeat. I...
  11. billf2112

    Apartment sized/limited space kegging

    Let me try this again. Please read this whole post, there is only one question being asked, but comments directly about the topic would be nice. I am not looking for a debate on bottling or full sized kegging to mini kegging. Simply ideas about mini kegging. I am looking to see if there is...
  12. billf2112

    Space issues= No Kegging

    Just doing a little research. How many do not keg simply because you fo not have the room to store the kegs or have the space for a kegerator? Would you keg your beer if there was a smaller alternative that allowed you to force carb and have atleast two choices on tap? Thanks for your...
  13. billf2112

    Cask Ales

    I just read an article in the latest edition of Brew Your Own (july-august 2012) called Homebrewing Cask Ales. It looks really cool. Has anyone done anything like this? For those who are not sure what this is, you make a brew then rack it into a cask (kinda like a keg) just like a big bottle...
  14. billf2112

    Bill's Honey Weizen

    4lbs German Wheat 4lbs 2 Row 1lb Honey Malt 1lb Honey @ flame out 1oz Hallertauer (German) 60 minutes German Wheat Yeast (dry) 3.5 gallon batch Saach rest 152 60 minute Mash out 170 10 minute recipe stats OG 1.077 FG 1.019 IBU 14.6 ABV 7.6
  15. billf2112

    Honey Wheat, when to add honey?

    I will be brewing a honey wheat tomorrow. I am all ready to go, just have some conflicts on when and where to add the honey. Some say late boil, some say at flame out and others say just add to primary. What have you done and how has it worked out?
  16. billf2112

    Ferm Chamber Location

    I recently moved and am setting up shop (brewing) in my garage. I (along with my wife, she is awesone) feel I will need a controlled fermating area. We thought about the garage but are worried it will get too cold in the winter (eastern pa). Should I just plan on fermenting in the basement...
  17. billf2112

    Milled Grains

    How long can milled grains sit in a vaccume pack before you would toss them? Due to some health reasons I have been forced away from brewing, but I am back and have some supplies I need to either use or toss. Thanks Bill
  18. billf2112

    Android Software

    I have been gone for a bit (health issues) getting back to things now. I recently picked up an Android Tablet and want to install a brewing app to use. Any suggedtions, free apps preferred of course. Thanks Bill
  19. billf2112

    All Grain Full Boil?

    I am set up for smaller all grain batches (3 gallons), but was wondering can you top it off to 5 gallons if you beef up the OG? I can boil a max of maybe 3.5 to 4 gallons which will put me to a finish of 3-3.5 of finished volume.
  20. billf2112

    What will you be drinking on 911?

    Looking, what I have on hand. I will be drinking an Irish Red Ale. NYPD and NYFD were in the early years were greatly populated by Irish Immigrants. This will be my way of toasting those fallen heroes.