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  1. coolitfast

    Counterflow failure

    To expand on Miraculix's post. You mentioned having a valve on both ends. Is it possible you closed them simultaneously locking hot wort in the tube and let the chilling liquor continue to run through the shell, chilling the wort causing a contraction. If you want to simulate the problem, take...
  2. coolitfast

    Narrow bottle brush

    You may want to check out our Turbonik Brush. It was designed to do exactly what you trying to do. You Tube Link shows how it works The Turbonik Brush - Effortlessly Cleans Fermenting & Serving Vessels!
  3. coolitfast

    NPT --> Tri-Clamp Adapters?

    Hi Guys, Thanks for checking out our chiller, we're stoked about our TC Ready to Brew versions gaining traction! For clarification, the $329.99 version of the Maxx counterflow wort chiller is the "Ready to Brew" version. The "Basic" TC version is available for $219.99 and comes with standard...
  4. coolitfast

    Exchilerator Maxx vs. Zchiller large counterflow chillers.

    Just a correction the Brutus has dual tubes.
  5. coolitfast

    CFC troubles

    Sorry you are not happy with your Exchilerator. Please reach out to me is 800 843 0553( Eastern) I would love to resolve these very unusual issues you are having. Looking forward to hearing from you. I can also be reached at [email protected] Kenny
  6. coolitfast

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Sorry we carry only 1.5 or 3/4 T.C seals. I have never seen a seal that seals the entire mating surface to the I.D of tubing.
  7. coolitfast

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Is this what your looking for or Tri Clamp 90 Degree Elbow - 1.5" TC x 3/4" OD 304 SS. We have test and oxy stone kits also
  8. coolitfast

    Stout Stainless Counterflow Chiller

    Yes we offer a Stainless Maxx. Maxx Counterflow Wort Chiller In configuration choose stainless Configuration Fitting Type Add A Pump...
  9. coolitfast

    Chiller recommendations for 1bbl system

    Please check out our Brutus or Maxx either sounds like they will work for you
  10. coolitfast

    1/6 keg fermenter not getting clean enough

    We have the Turbonik Brush. It was designed to help with that problem. For beer stone I would remove the dip tube, lay the keg on its side with a pint of hot water mixed with Brewery Wash puddled on its side and have at it with at least a 1200 rpm cordless drill until clean. Then rinse using...
  11. coolitfast

    1/2 barrel system set up questions

    Take at look at this video I did. It may give you an idea or we have them in stock.
  12. coolitfast

    chugger pump seizing up

    I came up with this repair. It may help you out
  13. coolitfast

    Counterflow chiller can it be fixed?

    Did it freeze. Did you leave it with water in it and was out in freezing temps?
  14. coolitfast

    Cleaning neck of carboy

    Maybe our new Tubonik Brush may help you in the future. The video is a bit long but you'll see how well it works /
  15. coolitfast

    Counterflow chiller flow restriction

    The best way to achieve the best of both worlds is to plumb your system with a L port 3 way ball valve with a purge vent. You now have ability to go direct to WP or through the chiller with just a quarter turn on the valve. The only time I move hose location is from WP to fermenter. Please don't...
  16. coolitfast

    Glass Carboy, Bottle, Growler all in one

    Thank you for taking a look and we will consider your input. At this point we could not achieve a 20.00 price point because of the US made 304 .035 shaft and the work that goes into the back seal. The back seal is important so water does not pass down the shaft during horizontal use and also...
  17. coolitfast

    Glass Carboy, Bottle, Growler all in one

    Just wanted a few thoughts on latest idea. It is a bit aggressive on PET plastic but works on glass and stainless just fine. Check it out on You Tube and it is up on our site.
  18. coolitfast

    Keggle Whirlpool return

    We offer you a male and female quick disconnect for $15.00. They became popular as , also ordered items, with the HangOver so we are offering them as an option. With out seeing you WP Arm I would say yes to the pass thru compression adapter. Send me a photo of your WP arm at...
  19. coolitfast

    Keggle Whirlpool return

    Check out our HangOver. It was designed just for this reason. For use on a keggle you move the thumb screw to the front side so it be tightened under the rolled edge of the keggle. Hope this helps