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  1. williamnave

    Wyeast 3711 quick question

    Hi, this is my first experience with this yeast, I have a question. I used one smack pack, put it on my stirplate for a couple days. Very little visible activity, but when I crashed it there was a lovely white cake at the bottom. Decanted and pitched into 10 gallons of 1.060 Saison, its in a...
  2. williamnave

    brainstorming, and limited on brain...can I borrow yours?

    So I need to make a beer, style not all that important. I need it to go from grain to glass in about 18 days. I keg and force carb. Only thing I can come up with is a Hefe. Any other ideas? Thanks all. -Bill
  3. williamnave

    brew science newbie with a quick question

    Hi guys....just when I thought I was beginning to understand brewery science, I start reading this forum and realize I'm still pretty green :ban: Anyway, I'm trying to put together a brewing water profile for an IPA. My city (Springfield,OR) has soft, low RA water. I'm using Bru'n water to...
  4. williamnave

    Which yeast?????

    I've taken a couple of stabs at an Imperial IPA, and I'm 0-2 on getting the attenuation I want. First one went from 1.089 --> 1.026, second attempt from 1.083 --> 1.022 You'll have to trust me when I tell you that BOY have I researched, asked, experimented, etc. and the odds that it is...
  5. williamnave

    Help with improving my process for a Big Beer

    OK, I'm working on an IIPA. I made the recipe, brewed it, and now have it on tap. It started at 1.089, after 4 weeks in primary, it hit about 1.025. I use a finishing narrow-range hydrometer, so I'm pretty sure that was a dead end for that brew. Hadn't moved in days. It's good, but...
  6. williamnave

    There's something wrong with my process - need info

    OK. I'm measuring once-twice a week tracking fermentation. I do not own a hydrometer, I am using a refractometer. I have seen this with the last several beers. I am using the refractometer tool in BeerSmith to correct Brix for the presence of alcohol. Latest example is an IIPA. OG was...
  7. williamnave

    Question about long primaries in a 5 Gallon Carboy

    OK, so I've read a lot of threads on here, and it made enough sense to me that I now have multiple batches sitting in Primary for the whole time. I was doing 10 days primary, taking refractometer readings to be sure ferment was over, then transferring. My question is, I've got these (2) 5...
  8. williamnave

    I have a question......Wondering if I'm doing something wrong

    Hey there. So here's how we've been keeping yeast strains going. From everything I've been reading it seems this shouldn't work, but it does. Started a few months ago with a Smack-Pack of Wyeast 1968 London ESB. Made a starter, pitched it. In the starter flask, there were remaining dregs...
  9. williamnave

    Mashed In 15 mins ago......need help anyone listening???????

    OK, I'm fairly new to AG, and this one thing is confusing the crap out of me. I mash in 1.25 qt X 12.75 #'s = 16 qts mash H20 Now, I'm trying to up my efficiency, so I'm planning a Mash-out. Beersmith tells me to use roughly 2 Gals of 202 degree H20 to hit 170. If I do that, based on a...
  10. williamnave

    Noob to AG Brewing, my first stab at an Imperial IPA, thoughts/comments/suggestions??

    Going for a nice Caramelly (It's not a word, it's a feeling) beer underneath with a serious Hop 1-2 punch. A little heavy on the Nugget Hops because I have 4oz staring back at me in the fridge. The name is with apologies to the Prince of Darkness. BeerSmith Recipe Printout -...
  11. williamnave

    Wort Boil Volume question

    I tried a Porter, my 2nd ever AG batch. My pre-boil volume was spot-on, but I didn't get anywhere near the amount I supposed to boil off. Naturally, I missed both my OG and volume. I had a 60, 30, 15 hop schedule. My question is, what are the ill effects of having that oh sh*t moment...