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  1. Vintage63

    Blichmann BrewEasy / Gas or Electric

    Hey Everyone, Looking to get the Blichmann BrewEasy and wanted to see what the forum feedback is on going electric v. gas. I don't have any real preference and both can work, but was hoping I might get some honest feedback on both set-ups and pros and cons you can think of. If you got the...
  2. Vintage63

    Turn-Key Home Brew Sculpture - 10 Gal More Beer Tippy Dump

    I am selling my MoreBeer 10 gallon Tippy Dump HERMS because I need to downsize the home brewery. Every piece was purchased new and kept in my garage, covered and out of our harsh San Diego elements. This is a turn-key set-up that can brew up to approx. 11 gallons of wort depending on style and...
  3. Vintage63

    BeerSmith 2 PC Estimated IBU v. Mobile App Estimated IBU

    I am brewing an American Pale Ale and the PC version estimates 47.2 IBU. When I open the mobile app on my iPad and look at the same recipe on the cloud, it indicates estimated IBU of 42.2. I double-checked both alpha acid and quantities and both platforms are the same. Does anyone out here...
  4. Vintage63

    Mash & Lautering Adjustments in BeerSmith 3 Software

    After reading several posts on this topic and trying to determine the correct figures to input, I am even more confused. Is there anyone out there that can help in lay person terms? I measured all my MLT numbers and came up with the following: Total water underneath false bottom: 2 gallons...
  5. Vintage63

    HERMS Coil Opinions / Feedback

    Hey Home Brew Talk - I use a 25' x 1/2" copper immersion coil for my HERMS set-up in the HLT. I keep my HLT about 10 degrees warmer than my target mash temp and adjustments seem to take a while. Does anyone have an opinion about if I should just calm down, RDWHAHB or does it make...
  6. Vintage63

    California Sparge Arm Assembly - $50

    Sparge arm assembly for sale. Includes copper ring with 11 holes making for good flow and a two-piece stainless ball valve to control flow. All you need is the male stainless fitting for the inlet - either barb or quick disconnect (1/2in). $50 and I will ship depending on location.
  7. Vintage63

    California Stainless Steel Ball Lock Quick Disconnects (QD) 1/2in

    Home brewers, I am selling my set of stainless steel quick disconnects (QD) and are perfect for moving hot liquids around your brewery. Attach these to the HLT, MLT, boil kettle, pumps and chiller. Just get some 1/2" silicone tubing and your upgraded. Here is what I have: Female...
  8. Vintage63

    Add more yeast to Imperial Stout?

    Hey Everyone, Looking for some advice. I have a 5 gallon batch of 1.098 OG Imperial Stout in a 6 gallon carboy that I should have added a blow-off. I came home from from work and it had blown right through the air lock and everywhere! I originally pitched a 3L starter with 2 packs of White...
  9. Vintage63

    ISO Advice - Should I dump and start over?

    I brewed an American IPA using the AHA's Fresh Squeezed clone recipe: 10 gallon batch (Split into two, 5 gallon glass carboys. One got a pitch of WLP 001 with starter and the other got a pitch of rehydrated US-05) 21 lbs US 2 Row 3 lbs Munich (10L) 1 lbs 8 oz C-80 1 oz Nugget - 60 min...
  10. Vintage63

    WLP 001 Over Attenuation?

    Hey Everyone, I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on why WLP 001 seems to be attenuating so high on my last handful of recipes. I have been brewing american pales and IPAs and use BeerSmith everytime. Every beer is finishing well below BeerSmith estimates (1.008) with a...
  11. Vintage63

    Brewhouse Efficiency 5.5 gal batches on a 10 gal system

    I use a 10 gallon HERMS More Beer sculpture with 15 gallon kettles. In the boil kettle, I use a curved diverter to pull wort from the side of the kettle rather than the middle when transferring to either a 6 or 6.5 gallon glass fermenter. I also use a counter flow chiller. I like the...
  12. Vintage63

    HERMS Mash Recirculating Time & Temperature

    I have been brewing on a More Beer 10 gallon HERMS system for a coupe of years and have always wondered if other brewers recirculate during the entire mash (other than mash out). A pro-brewer lives a few houses away and told me that recirculating during the mash to maintain temp was not...
  13. Vintage63

    Wood Aging Imperial Stout - Contact Time

    I just brewed an imperial stout and racked to secondary. This is my first attempt at wood aging the beer and added a medium toast plus french oak stave to the 5 gallon carboy I got from More Beer. Their website says that the contact time should be similar to that of cubes. My question is...
  14. Vintage63

    Mouthfeel – Confused – What the heck is going on?

    I brewed a 10 gallon batch (split into 5 gal carboys) all grain American Pale Ale recipe. With 5 gallon batches my system is averaging around 65-67% overall efficiency. Grain Bill: American 2 Row 86% Munich 5.1% Victory 5.1% Wheat malt 3.8% I set up the recipe using the same...
  15. Vintage63

    Efficiency - 5 gal vs. 10 gal batch - WTF!

    I have been working diligently on getting my brew system dialed into the right efficiency so I can be a more consistent brewer. I have measured the liquid that remains in all my transfer lines and counter flow chiller, etc. The last 3 brews have been 5 gallon batches (5.5 gallons going into...
  16. Vintage63

    Stopped Fermentation - Add more yeast?

    I brewed a Doppelbock with the Brewing Classic Styles recipe as a guide. I had 5.5 gallons go into the fermenter. OG: 1.086 Yeast: 2L starter using two vials of White Labs German Bock yeast Fermentation Temp: 50F, held for 3 weeks. Current gravity: 1.038. Shooting for a final in the...
  17. Vintage63

    Not hitting OG Numbers

    First off, I am sure that I am probably my own worst critic when it comes to home brewing. Lately, I have been dialing in recipes into Beer Smith 2 and setting up based on 70% efficiency. My OG numbers have been coming in at 4 points below what is targeted per the software. For example, I...
  18. Vintage63

    Low Effeciency for Russian Imperial Stout

    This was the biggest beer I have ever brewed and I'm freaking out about the lower mash efficiency than my system typically produces. I mashed 23# of grain at 1.30 quarts per pound of grain (just like I always do). 19lbs of British Pale and the rest included chocolate, pale chocolate, special...
  19. Vintage63

    Single Yeast Starter to Split into 2 batches

    I will be brewing a 10 gallon batch of an american amber and will split into two carboys for fermentation. I want to use the same yeast strain and make only one (1) starter. Once the starter is done in my flask, is there a best practice for measuring how much yeast should go into each...
  20. Vintage63

    Fruit Fly on Airlock fell into Beer - Yikes!

    I am five days into fermentation of what I hope to be a killer batch of american pale ale. Tonight, I went to switch out the blow off tube back to an airlock for another five days or so to ensure fermentation is complete. There was a small black "spec" where the blow off tube and neck of...