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  1. lutinplunder


    My understanding is that each leg is 9000/3 or ~3333 watts I would just hook them together to make a 9000 watt load. I was just wondering what you guys thought as far as scorching/heat dispersion. I think its probably not a ULWD and more likely LWD, but due to the spread out design would that be...
  2. lutinplunder


    Planning a 30gal HLT & BK made from 30gal SS barrels. What do you think about this element vs the more common pair of 4500 watt ripples? 220V 9000W ~10 diameter Planning a 50 amp panel fed from a 60 amp breaker/Spa panel
  3. lutinplunder

    Another Automated Brewery Design

    Here's my design so far... 3 Vessel, 2 burner, Herms system controlled by Brewtroller with RPi2 running webapp on 15" touchscreen. Liquid flow diagram (rough but I lack the paintshop-fu that some of you have). In the design stage trying to iron it out before collecting parts and...
  4. lutinplunder

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    That sounds about right for mine. I had to seriously modify my outlet to get it to fit on the back side. I ended up having to cut off most of the mounting tabs and then use rivets with washers to hold it in, but I like the way mine turned out.
  5. lutinplunder

    ebay aquarium temp controller build

    Was really easy to make and works awesome. I have mine set for 40F (4.4C) with a .5C differential and 10 minute delay, only kicks on every few hours. The probe is duct taped to a gallon jug of water to help stabilize the readings.
  6. lutinplunder

    What is wrong with this beer?

    Roflol somebodies been watching takesomeadvice on YouTube
  7. lutinplunder

    Primo Stir plate made easy

    Add me too the list as well, your a credit to this board and the hobby Bigbeavk thanks Rob
  8. lutinplunder

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I want one, pick me
  9. lutinplunder

    Back in a few

    +1 for ubuntu
  10. lutinplunder

    New brew tree and first all grain batch

    Finally made the leap to all grain, spent about 5 hours after work Friday night making my brew tree. Finally finished it at 1:30am :) tested it out today making a raspberry ale for my wife, had one of my thermometers crap out causing me to be short on my mash in temp, but just added more hot...
  11. lutinplunder

    Beer Tools Pro vs. Beer Alchemy

    not really sure this is the best place for this but I have BTP running under wine on Ubuntu. Runs pretty well but seems to have a little problem with the pop-up dialogues, but I'm not a 100% sure it's a BTP problem as I have other apps that have similar issues under wine. All functionality is...
  12. lutinplunder

    Tacoma Craft Beer Festival

    Anybody going? I won a ticket from The Beer Essentials so I'm gonna drag the wife along and go check it out.
  13. lutinplunder

    Belgian Tripel Belgian Trippel (2006 World Beer Cup Gold Medal: Dragonmead Final Absolution clone)

    Just started the WLP500 starter today, and gonna brew this in the next day or so. Adjusted the grain bill to get to 10% ABV and can't wait to get this into bottles. :D I also had to sub some of the hops (Crystal for Hallertau and Fuggle for Stryian Goldings). 09-26-10 Brewed this today all...
  14. lutinplunder

    999 Barley wine recipe

    I'm having the same problem after I enter all the recipe i get... 9-9-9 Barleywine Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 23.00 lb Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 82.6 % 2.00 lb Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain 7.2 % 0.75 lb Caramel Malt - 80L 6-Row (Briess) (80.0 SRM) Grain 2.7...
  15. lutinplunder

    My New Fermentation Cabinets

    check the relays and if it has a capacitive starter check that. Other than those your probably right that the compressor took a crap here's a page that will help you troubleshoot the freezer compressor
  16. lutinplunder

    Hybrid English IPA HELP

    3 weeks in primary FG at 1.022... I racked it to secondary and am debating what i should do next. Do I add amylase enzyme and hope it drops me the 5-10 points i need to hit the styles FG or is there anything else i can do? In either case not much I can do till Tuesday when I can get to the brew...
  17. lutinplunder

    Brewery name Idea

    It was the best I could find on the website, still looking for a snake to photoshop in later.
  18. lutinplunder

    Brewery name Idea

    how's this for a logo?
  19. lutinplunder

    Beer label creation website

    Found this website for making labels thought I'd share Here's one I whipped up
  20. lutinplunder

    Brewery name Idea

    is that the proper grammar?