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  1. Tsuyako

    Pumpkin wine question

    I have a recipe for a pumpkin wine but was wondering why it asks for raw, grated pumpkin. In beer making you would use cooked and/or caramelized pumpkin. What would be the benefit of using raw for the wine? Could I use caramelized pumpkin?
  2. Tsuyako

    What is the differene between these two?

    What is the difference EC-1118 Lavlin and Montrachet? I see a lot of people switching them out when their LBHS is out of stock or they are.
  3. Tsuyako

    Tea Wine

    I was looking up things to make wine with and came across this, anyone tried Tea Wine before? I'm wondering if the lemons are really necessary, I don't like lemon in tea.
  4. Tsuyako

    Flip tops or corks?

    I'm not near bottling my first batch, but can I use 750ml flip tops for my wine to age or do I need to cork it? I know there is something about corks helping wine age?
  5. Tsuyako

    Monroe WA, Iodopher for 3 Gal Fermenter

    I have a used once bottle of Iodopher, seeing as it stained some of gear I went back to starsan. Anyone willing to trade for a 3 Gal fermenter w/lid? Open to other trades as well. My one gallon growlers went missing during my last move.
  6. Tsuyako

    Radical Brewing - Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale

    I'm going to be making the Oatmeal Cookie Brown Ale out of Radical Brewing but it calls for two hops I've never used before; Northern Brewer and Nugget (I think, I forgot the book at home). What are these two like? Do you think they would work well in a brown ale? I also 100% hate Fuggles...
  7. Tsuyako

    Question on ice

    I have seen some people use ice to cool down their wort faster when the don't have a wort chiller. But I've also heard that that is a bad idea as the ice isn't sanitized. Does it make a difference if I buy a bag or two of ice and put it into my hot wort? Or should I make my own ice with boiled...
  8. Tsuyako


    A new wine maker here so this is probably an obvious question; but when you backsweeten do you do it at bottling or do you rack into another carboy and let it sit then bottle after a while?
  9. Tsuyako

    20 - 25 lbs of grapes

    Hi there! I recieved 20-25 lbs (maxed out my scale) of grapes today and I am wanting to make some wine out it. I have never made wine before but I have the equipment. What is a good basic recipe? These grapes are of an unknown variety but are tart and sweet at the same time.
  10. Tsuyako

    Obsessed brew mate!

    *added another picture* :ban:
  11. Tsuyako

    Cranberry Ale

    Okay so I was hoping that all you pro's would take a peek at the following recipe. I'm basing it off of another recipe I got on here (thanks for posting Conroe:)) that was from Radical Brewing. I'm thinking of adding sanitized cranberries to the fermenter instead of in the boil and then again in...
  12. Tsuyako

    Okay I'm an idiot...rant.

    I had a huge pot in my shed that could comfortably fit my willamette rhizome. The poor thing sat in the fridge for months while I waited for the funds to build a custom trellis. Did I plant it? Did I notice the pot? Nope! I simply looked it over while my rhizome sat in the fridge. In the...
  13. Tsuyako

    Two Experiments, Two Questions, One Boil

    Okay so here's the thing. I would love to make my own malt vinegar for fish and chips (using homebrew of course:)) and I've been reading up on it. I assume that it is simply an un-hopped beer that has had the correct bacteria added correct? Second I am wondering what an unhopped beer would...
  14. Tsuyako

    Quick Question, Possible Myth

    So is it true or not that if you plant hops in the ground you will never get rid of them? Like horseradish which once in the ground is impossible to kill? I want to plant my rhizomes (which are in the fridge) but as I rent I don't want to be resposible for the next tenents to have have hops...
  15. Tsuyako

    nettle beer

    Okay so I did a prelimiary search and didn't find anything. Has anyone made a nettle beer before? I don't think it would be that difficult but I'd love to try to make a one gallon batch of it to see if I even like it.
  16. Tsuyako

    Random thought.

    So a year or so ago I got a sleep number matress and they sent me the wrong pump. Long story short I was suppossed to send the pump back (was sent the correct one) and never did, saw it the other day and thought "can I use that to aerate my wort?" So I guess that's my question, can I use the...
  17. Tsuyako

    Concept for a new backyard.

    I was hoping to get some feedback from the gang here on the idea for my backyard. The first photo is what my yard looks like now and the second is what I want it to look like. (sorry 'bout the lame photo I don't have a scanner) Anyway the hop trellis is on the right with three pieces of twine...
  18. Tsuyako

    Can someone explain the difference.

    I was at my LBS the other day getting supplies and was show a really nice false bottom pot (wish I had the money) which he stated could be used as a mash tun and a lanturn tun. Now I understand what a mash tun is and the false bottom concept but what is a lanturn tun? Have a missed a step in my...
  19. Tsuyako

    Reeses Peanut butter beer?

    I remember reading on here somewhere about someone who had made a peanut butter ale. Does anyone remember where that thread is? I've been searching all over the place (and I am HBT search engine dumb). Thanks
  20. Tsuyako

    Two Questions

    That I'm pretty sure I know the answers to but would like some confirmation. 1) If a recipe calls for 1 oz cascade hops does that mean 1 oz no matter if it's whole or pellet? 2) Is it normal for beer to start fermenting again in the secondary? My current brew (i thought was done) created a...