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  1. zuesy

    Ungeheuer IPA - A German IPA

    This is an American-style IPA made with German ingredients. It retains the color and flavor of a German ale with the distinct citrusy hop note and the hop forward aroma of an American IPA. Recipe Water RO + 5g CaCl and Gypsum Grains 9# Pilsner 2.5# Munich 2# Vienna .5# Caraaroma 4 oz...
  2. zuesy

    IPA Recipe Requires a Caramel Colorant. OK. Sure. Now, I Use What again?

    Q: What should I use as 'caramel colorant'? Here's the recipe I'll be using: British IPA 41% US 6-row 26% UK 2-Row 15% Maris Otter 14.4% Flaked Corn 2.9% White Sugar .6% Caramel Colorant 50 IBU Goldings @ 90 18 IBU Goldings @ 30 Dry Hop w/ 2 oz Goldings Mash 1qt/# at 149*...
  3. zuesy

    A Better Malt Backbone for High AA SMaSH Brews?

    I've been SMaSHing it up lately and have, at this point, tried all of the "aroma", low AA hops I was interested in. Now, I've gotten my hands on a few higher AA hops (specifically Green Bullet, Nelson Sauvin, Target and Horizon). I've made one high AA SMaSH - a Sorachi Ace/MO. It tastes...
  4. zuesy

    Anyone Ever Use Riwaka Hops?

    I've been given a few ounces of these Hops. Aside from the fact they're from New Zealand and they're similar to the "C" hops, I don't know much about them. Anyone ever use them? And if so, for what? I'm thinking of making a 2-row SMaSH with them.