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  1. cd2448

    [FREE] Several cases of 12oz bottles

    I recently moved to kegging and no longer need the stockpile of 12oz bottles that I had accumulated. They are free if you come over and pick them up. I have about 6 cases of cleaned bottles and a bunch that need cleaning that will go in the recycling if no-one wants them. Got to make space in...
  2. cd2448

    visiting montreal

    hi, i will be working in montreal for the next two weeks, does anyone have any local brewery or food recommendations? thanks!
  3. cd2448

    Outdoor Kitchen?

    Hot on the heels of the keezer - I'm thinking of building an outdoor kitchen. Nothing too mental, just a charcoal grill area, a sink, and a built-in cooler (no fridge). I'd like to run electric cable out to it also for lighting and tunes. Does anyone know of good places for info on the net? Or...
  4. cd2448

    washer for beer line

    so i go to set up my 2-tap kegerator kit last night and i've managed to lose one of the little washers that was in the beer line connection to the shank. can i replace with something from home depot? i'll have another hunt around tonight but i think it's a goner. stupid, i know.
  5. cd2448

    Sanding a freezer - am I being stupid?

    Heh, I've just about finished the collar that will tranform a battered old chest freezer into a keezer, and because the collar turned out quite well, I'm wondering if I shouldn't sand down the freezer and repaint it. It's functional, but it's got bits of tape stuck to it and it's scratched up a...
  6. cd2448

    Twin Cities Beers

    hi, i'm off to st paul for the week for work and wanted to ask if there are any beers i should try while i am there. any good brewpubs worth a look? also - what's the food speciality? i don't the sound of lutefisk (sp?) but i like to try a bit of local cuisine when i'm travelling. i'd...
  7. cd2448

    Faucets - Is the perlick worth the extra?

    Hi all, I'm looking to build a keezer and have a question about faucets - what's the deal with the perlick faucet? Why is it so much better than the basic standard ones that are half the price? I imagine that, as in many things, you get what you pay for, but in what way will the superior quality...
  8. cd2448

    Different serving pressures - worth it?

    Hi I am just putting together the equipment to build a kegerator - and I had a question about serving pressures - If I get a regulator with multiple gauges (i.e more than two) I can serve beers a different pressures - is that really worth the extra cash? I'm not planning to force carb, so I'd...
  9. cd2448

    Venting pressure during carbonation in a keg

    I've finally landed in the world of kegs, and I've gone with a portable set up and priming sugar to get carbonation into the beer. I think I measured it ok and racked into the keg etc, then gave it some CO2 to clear the headspace. My question is - do I use the pressure release thingy to vent...
  10. cd2448

    San Jose brew pubs?

    Hi all - I'm working over in San Jose for the next couple of weeks and wanted to ask if there are any recommended brew pubs (restaurants too, come to mention it). I'll have transport but will be staying in downtown San Jose. Thanks for any and all suggestions!
  11. cd2448

    Portable Keg Setup w/ CO2 Cartridges

    Hi - I'm looking to move into kegging, but due to limited space I'm considering one of those portable setups, like this one: Genuine Innovations Portable Keg Charger With a picnic tap for the beer. Does anyone have experience with these? On the one hand it's easy - on the other it seems...
  12. cd2448

    First AG Today - Lessons Learned

    Thought this might be of some use to someone else transitioning to AG. Did my first AG today (Edwort's Haus Pale Ale, natch), I've been doing PMs for nearly a year, but not doing much brewing since April/May. Apart from taking a bit longer than a PM this was no major difference (*) - but what I...
  13. cd2448

    Mendocino Brewing Company Pub - worth a visit?

    Hallo - we're in Russian River Valley on vacation and I noticed that the Mendocino Brew Pub is in Hopland - but it's getting a poor review from what I can find on the net. Has anyone been there? I'm generally a fan of the beer, i'm half way through a six of select ale as we speak. The place is...
  14. cd2448

    Pearled Barley sub for Flaked Barley

    Hi, I'm wanting to brew up some Dry Stout and my LHBS was out of Flaked Barley, but they said I could get barley from Wholefoods or whatever and just boil it for 20minutes, then add it to the mash as you would the flaked barley. They say this would gelatinize it and it would have the same...
  15. cd2448

    Two Turkey Fryers from one Propane Tank?

    Hallo brew dudes. I picked up a second turkey fryer and a larger pot at a flea market last weekend, so now I have almost all of my equipment ready to go AG. But I had a question - can I run two Turkey Fryers from one propane tank - using some sort of dual connector or something - or should I get...
  16. cd2448

    Happy Birthday America

    I'm sure many of you will have seen this, but here's a truly american message for July 4th.
  17. cd2448

    Battleship New Jersey Beer Fest

    went to the micro/brew pub beer fest on the battleship new jersey in camden last saturday. was a bit disappointed with the selection compared to the phila navy yard and atlantic city beer fests, but it was worth a trip on a summer afternoon. sadly i didn't think all the beer was that good...
  18. cd2448

    Providence Pint Recommendations?

    Does anyone know of any decent beer pubs in Providence, RI? Heading there this weekend and would like to try a few beers from the area if there are any to be had!
  19. cd2448

    What do I train my hop bines onto?

    Hi all, I've set up my hop garden with a central pole arrangement and I'm going to train the bines up to the pole from hop hills 10-12ft spaced out around the base. My question is, being even more of a novice in the garden than I am in the brewhouse, what to use for the lines up to the top of...
  20. cd2448

    Simple lager temp control

    hi, i'm looking to make an oktoberfest but don't have the fancy temp control options for the fermentation (lagering itself is not a problem) so i'm probably going to go the "fermentor in a big bucket full of water and ice" route. but i had a quick question - what temp should i be looking for for...