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  1. Ice9

    Fried a terminal strip in my E-Herms control box

    Hey everybody, The last time I brewed on my system I fried the terminal strip that connects the power in to the SSR with a cconnection also going to the e-stop. This was the 5 time I had used the system. Here's a link my my build thread with schematic...
  2. Ice9

    Six-String Brewing Co. e-Herms build.

    I've been throwing around the idea of going electric for the last couple of years. I've finally decided to pull the trigger on acquiring parts for my build. I'm going to start with 2 62qt Bayou stainless pots utilizing my existing mash-tun, a 70qt Colman Xtreme cooler. This is the schematic...
  3. Ice9

    Ice9's Home Bar Build

    I was bored a few weeks ago and decided to go out and buy wood to build a small home bar. I had plans from a while back that I had drawn up in Sketchup. My main goals were to build a bar that would contain my existing DIY two tap kegerator, and have storage for glassware, liquor and possibly a...
  4. Ice9

    Grain Storage Bins at Target

    I just picked these up at Target. They were on sale for $17 each. They are meant for 25lbs of dog food but each one holds about ~35lbs of grain. they have a locking lid with a foam rubber seal. They also have wheels on the bottom. They had a smaller 10lb version for around $8 and online they...
  5. Ice9

    My 2-Tier Gravity System

    I just built this last weekend. I'm trying to simplify brewing a little bit. Here's the mostly finished product.
  6. Ice9

    Spiced Cherry Dubbel Label

    Here's the label for my holiday beer, Dubbel Troubbel. Let me know what you think.
  7. Ice9

    Happy Cherries!

    Just had to post some in progress pics of my winter warmer. It's a spiced cherry dubbel. After 3 weeks in primary I racked onto 6lbs of cherries (half tart, half sweet). The hydrometer sample tasted great, I can't wait to taste the sample in a month when I rack it off of the fruit!
  8. Ice9

    Great Night of Brewing, 3rd AG batch.

    I brewed my first Belgian Wit tonight. I was going for something like Avery White Rascal. Nailed my mash temp of 154F and collected 6.75gal of awesome wort! Boil went amazingly well, thanks to whomever suggested using a spray bottle of water to stop boil-overs in a small brewpot!!! And...
  9. Ice9

    Score!!! New Chest Freezer

    So I got an ad in the mail the other day for a local Menards store near my house that is having a Grand Re-Opening sale this week (they recently expanded). I was thumbing through the ad and noticed a 10cuft Whirlpool chest freezer for $198 ($100 off). I decided today that I was going to buy...
  10. Ice9

    My Hop Garden Plans

    Back on the 18th I placed an order for 5 different rhizomes from DIY Brewing Co. to be delivered in April. I also made up my mind over the last few days on how I was going to setup my raised bed hops garden. My plan is to build 5 36"x36"x12" cedar boxes to contain a single hop variety each...
  11. Ice9

    Rockin' Red Ale: My first label

    Here are a couple of pics of my label for my first brew. I'm going to go with a music/guitar theme for all of my future brews as well.