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  1. s3n8

    OMGWTF 89% efficiency?

    Well, after 2 years of getting 75 - 80% efficiency batch sparging using the Bobby_M Double Batch Sparge - No mash out method, I got 89% today. Um. First, a couple variables that did not change. - Crush using my Crankandstien using the same gap I have been using for quite a while. - I...
  2. s3n8

    ATTN: NoVA brewers

    Cork and Fork in Gainesville is thinking about offering beer making ingredients along with their beer/wine selection. It will be nice to have a LHBS 20 minutes from home instead of 60+ for myLHBS or Flying Barrel. They emailed me a survey to help them stock ingredients that would be...
  3. s3n8

    Draft Magazine?

    Just got a flyer for "Draft - Life on tap". Never heard of it before, anyone get it? recommend it? The advert is for buy one get one free (just like BYO which I subscribe). There are a few references here for draft magazine, but they seem pretty sparse.
  4. s3n8

    Wynonas Got a Big Brown Bitter

    Looking for some feedback on the following kitchen sink recipe. The grainbill is based mostly what I have left over, with some inspiration from the DFH India Brown Ale recipes I have seen. Its quite a bit higher gravity than the original IBA, and the hops are what I have in the freezer. Not...
  5. s3n8

    Small Beer = 0 Krausen?

    Hi all, made a small batch of ginger/juniper ale with the third runnings of my double bastard ale last Friday. The G/J clocked in around 1.04, and is about 2.5 gallons. I put in a whole whirfloc tab without really thinking, and noticed some very large (bigger than normal) coagulated...
  6. s3n8

    Going to Lima/Machu Pucchu next month

    What should I do/see/eat/drink while I am there? Besides the obvious. Have to work a few days, then I should have 5 or 6 days to ourselves. Travel up to Cuzco/Machu Picchu and back is going to be most of 2 whole days of that though.
  7. s3n8

    Funky Tripel

    Planning on brewing this one up tomorrow AM. I would appreciate any guidance from the gurus, especially with the funk. Here is the recipe: 1 lbs Lyle's Golden Syrup 14 lbs Pilsner (2 Row) Bel 1 lbs White Wheat Malt 8.0 oz Biscuit Malt 8.0 oz Carafoam 1.00 oz Styrian Goldings [5.40 %]...
  8. s3n8

    Avery Sixteen or Stone 13th Anniversary?

    Saw the local bottle shop had both in stock, but was on motorcycle, so I couldnt pick any up. Both descriptions sound pretty good. I think I will have to go back when I have the car.
  9. s3n8

    Found 2 GPS Units - dilemma

    Several friends and I were out riding our bikes yesterday when one flatted. We were on a section of gravel road, and it was in the shade, so we all pulled over and waited for the repair. I was looking around, and across the road, I saw something that looked out of place. It looked like a GPS...
  10. s3n8

    Flanders Red for a first sour

    I have a pack of Roeselare blend burning a hole in my pocket... I am planning on following the recipe for a Flanders Red from Brewing Classic Styles. I would like to make a true sour, so I am not planning on primary fermentation with regular yeast. I am also going to do a 6 gallon primary, so...
  11. s3n8

    Portland - Hillsboro

    Going to Portland next week for work, staying in Hillsboro. Any good brew pubs in the area? Not going to have too much time, but will definitely be seeking out some left coast brews. Any recommendations?
  12. s3n8

    Belgian IPA

    There have been a few Belgian IPAs submitted to the recipe db, but I wanted to do my own thing... I got 2 packs of Unibroue yeast (thanks Ed and Brewmasters Warehouse) and wasnt sure what to do with the other. One is reserved for a La Fin Du Monde clone. I unexpectedly had some time to brew...
  13. s3n8

    Dogfish head-ish 75 minute IPA

    This brew is inspired by DFH 60 & 90 minute IPA. I also took some inspiration from Yoopers recipe. I do not really care for Simcoe hops though, so I used varieties I like. I like 90 minute a lot, but there is something about it, that if I could change, I would :). So here it is... Tell me...
  14. s3n8

    Carbonation question... Hear me out :)

    So my neighbor and I did a 10 gallon batch of Belgian Golden Strong Ale. Supposed to be Delerium Tremens-ish. We split the wort, I pitched 3787, he Wyeast Chimay strain (1214?). In any case, both fermented fine, we dosed both with a some sugar and a can of Lyles Syrup. Both bottled around...
  15. s3n8

    Study confirms beer == dangerous

    Sorry if someone already posted this, but this cracked me up.
  16. s3n8

    $41 6pack

    It did not really register that I had paid $41.41 for a 6pack of beer. Granted, most of them are bomber size, and really f'ing good :D... Only one I had not tried was the Rogue Juniper ale. Drinking a homebrew IPA from my dry yeast experiment (bottled 6 weeks ago) needs another couple weeks I...
  17. s3n8

    Ever heard of virginia brewing company?

    Just saw an ad in a local rag for virginia brewing company. Their website isnt terribly descriptive about their beer... Might have to go check them out this weekend. Kinda sucks for the brewpub scene around here since the Old Dominion pub closed in Ashburn.
  18. s3n8

    Recipe link at the top not working?

    Just an FYI, the "Recipes" link at the top is not working. Link: goes 404.
  19. s3n8

    Dont waste time and DME making a starter!

    Make a small extract batch instead! I am planning on making a 10 gallon AG tripel this weekend, and instead of building up a starter a few times, it hit me yesterday that I should just make a small batch (2.5 gallons) and pitch the tripel on the yeast cake. I made a belgian golden ale with...
  20. s3n8

    Dry Yeast Experiment

    Today I started a little experiment, I brewed up an IPA recipe I have been toying around with for a while. Here it is if anyone is curious: Side note: I tried out Deathbrewers Brew-in-a-bag for my first attempt at partial mash. I have 8 AG batches done, but am looking for ways to save a...