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  1. Genuine

    Control Panel Power Cord

    I need a power cord extension to get power to the brew area in my basement as right now I'm dealing with a 4' cord. Is there anything wrong with using something like this to go from my Dryer receptacle and then using a Generator Extension Cable to bring power to my Control Panel like this...
  2. Genuine

    My simple 240V 5500w Single Element one pump K-Rims Panel Build

    Been lurking the electric forums for years and built a K-Rims brewing rig with a buddy of mine a couple years ago. You may have seen this photo floating around: I was so pleased with the performance of it that I planned to build one for myself! Plus, the ability to crank out a batch in 4...
  3. Genuine

    Electric 2 Vessel RIMs and NEIPA Brew Day (Video)

    8RRP_Gd_GFg I hope the linking works! Have done 4-5 batches on it so far, loving the new set up.
  4. Genuine

    Low ABV Sessionable IPA for July 6th (4th)

    In keeping up with the tradition of July 6th Celebrations (July 4th), I'm looking to brew a sessionable low ABV IPA for the Cookout and Party. Here's what I've come up with in iBrewMaster - The only thing I'm worried about are the hop additions and didn't want it to be over powering. I'd like...