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  1. BarleyWater

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Dark Chocolate Stout

    carrotmalt, how did it turn out? Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I imagine you have already decided what to do at this point. The first pint or two after kegging is gonna have some chocolate sludge in it but after that it will be fine. Grain to glass is usually two weeks, 10 days in the...
  2. BarleyWater


    You're about to have a rocket there. You need to replace the airlock with a blow off hose, a piece of tubing running into a cup of water.
  3. BarleyWater

    Is it my taste buds or ....

    There could be a small difference I suppose, but it is more likely due to different storage/shipping conditions. If one is older or has been stored warmer it is going to taste different.
  4. BarleyWater

    Therminator versus Counterflow chillers

    Post #5 shows what the inside looks like when sliced open, lots of places for particles to get trapped. Commercial heat exchangers have gaskets between the plates and can be taken apart and cleaned, which you can't do with this one.
  5. BarleyWater

    LP adjustable regulator

    They sell those at HD and Lowes.
  6. BarleyWater

    Does beertools suck?

    What's the recipe?
  7. BarleyWater

    Digital Hydrometer

    How about an automatic temperature correcting refractometer? It's what I and many others use. Only $30, well worth the price once you realize how fragile hydrometers are...
  8. BarleyWater

    32% BrewDog - Tactical Nuclear Penguin

    When is freeze distilled to 82 proof though... Utopias is the real worlds strongest beer IMO.
  9. BarleyWater

    What is the purpose of the Vorlauf?

    Vorlaufing is a common practice in most German and other lager breweries that are producing clean crisp lager beers. Any extra grain in the kettle is said to give a burnt grainy flavor to their beers, so a lot of German brewers swear by clear wort into the kettle to give the cleanest beer in...
  10. BarleyWater

    When to add Belgian Dark Candi Syrup

    I add it at the end to get better hop utilization, but I doubt it makes much of a difference either way.
  11. BarleyWater

    My Stout is Brown???

    Perhaps a dumb question, but you did have the grains crushed didn't you? If so, maybe a finer crush. Also, might want to make sure the temps are correct, is your thermometer calibrated?
  12. BarleyWater

    Warmer weather approaches...

    You could brew nothing but saisons which are regularly fermented up to 85º sometimes even 90º.
  13. BarleyWater

    Gravity increasing

    CO2 will damn near burn the hairs out of your nostrils. I am willing to bet that accounting for temp corrections, you are right where you should be. The gravity can not increase without you adding something to it or removing some of the water by freezing, and the addition of the priming sugar...
  14. BarleyWater

    Gravity increasing

    Did you take that gravity reading after adding the priming sugar?
  15. BarleyWater

    Stone Brewing in the show "Weeds"

    In Reno 911 they always drink Dogfish Head whenever any of them are having a beer. I think it's just that some people appreciate good beer and want to help get it out there a little, or they are beer snobs and don't want to be seen drinking BMC by there friends while on TV.
  16. BarleyWater

    What hops in Storm King?

    Well. it does have to get here from PA first, and then no telling how long on the shelf till I picked it up. Good beer, just don't remember a lot of hops.
  17. BarleyWater

    What hops in Storm King?

    Well, it probably uses some fairly high alpha varieties from the Pacific Northwest, so CTZ or any of the "C" hops would probably be a good way to go. There isn't mush hoppiness in Storm King, from what I recall it's a massive malt bomb, so any clean high alpha bittering hop will probably work...
  18. BarleyWater

    Bottles ruined?

  19. BarleyWater

    how long to condition in keg?

    The first pint or two is gonna have all the crap that settled out. Usually after about a week in the keg mine are good to go, just draw off a glass before you start drinking to get rid of the sediment.
  20. BarleyWater

    how does this recipe for a wheat look?

    I don't know w whole lot about that yeast, I prefer the Weihenstephan strain from either White Labs or WYeast myself, but from what I have read about that dry yeast, it can be a bit phenolic if you ferment too warm. Many people stated having good results with temps in the lower 60's (62-65)...