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  1. fardy

    First NEIPA - Hops schedule

    Hi guys, Living in Canada, hops are pretty expensive. I was able to get good prices of bulk Citra and Amarillo. I'd like to create a juicy NEIPA recipe out of it but would also like my stock to last me for a couple of brew sessions. Based on a recipe I found online, I ajusted my hops schedule...
  2. fardy

    Cacao Nibs and Coffee Beans Addition

    Hey guys, I brewed a White Stout last week and the recipe calls for cacao nibs and whole coffee beans addition after fermentation. I'm trying to skip the secondary part and I'm wondering how I can achieve this. Option #1 Adding nibs and coffee beans directly into primary after fermentation...
  3. fardy

    Adding Ice to cool - BeerSmith

    Hi guys, I really have a tough time cooling my wort rapidly and I'll try to add about a gallon of ice to help the process. I was wondering how do I implement that change into BeerSmith so I do not end up with a diluted wort. Do I simply leave the Batch Size to 5.5G (my usual batch size)...
  4. fardy

    Fruits in secondary...shake carboy ?

    Hi all, I've just racked my beer on 5 lbs of peaches puree. I thought that the puree would mix with the beer while transferring it from the primary but the puree stood at the bottom of the carboy. Do I have to leave it that way or should I shake my carboy to mix the puree completely with...
  5. fardy

    Fruits effect on SG

    Hi all, I'm planning to brew Jamil's Magic Hat #9 clone on my next brew day. Since my LHBS doesn't carry Apricot extract, I'm planning to use canned fruits. I've read a couple of threads saying to be careful because the sugar in the fruits will affect the final ABV. How exactly can I...
  6. fardy

    Infection ?

    I'm currently brewing my 3rd batch. The last 2 were pre-hopped Coopers kit and this one was my first attempt at Partial Mash brewing. My beer's fermenting for 2 weeks at around 12-13 Celcius. I took a gravity test this morning and honestly, my beer looks terrible. However, the smell and taste...
  7. fardy

    Cold fermentation question

    Hi all, I'm using a lager yeast for the first time and fermenting cold at 15 C (59 F). My LHBS recommends that I leave it to a higher temperature when I'm about 75% in my fermentation process to help the remaining sugars to be fermented. I usually do a single primary for 3 weeks. If I reach...
  8. fardy

    Cider Yeast

    I've already asked my question in a thread on the Beginners section ( but maybe I should have posted it here first. A partial mash recipe I'm planning to do calls for Wyeast 3766 Cider yeast. I was wondering if cider yeast can be...
  9. fardy

    Cider yeast for beer ???

    Hello, I found a partial mash recipe that calls for Wyeast 3766 Cider yeast. Is it ok to use cider yeast to ferment beer ? Will that make a big difference in the fermentation process or the final taste ? Thanks !
  10. fardy

    Rice (Flaked)

    Hi there, I have a partial mash recipe that's calling for Rice (Flaked) to be mashed along with other grains. My LHBS doesn't have any on hand and I was wondering if this could be replaced by regular instant rice ? If so, does it have to be cooked and do I use exactly the same amount asked by...
  11. fardy

    Recommendation for next Coopers kit

    I'm about to brew my third Pre-Hopped Coopers kit. I'm still trying to get the best out of it but there's so many different ways I'm considering after reading other posts on the forum. The first one I brewed was the Coopers Australian Lager. I followed the instructions that came with the...
  12. fardy

    Dextrose vs DME weight

    Hi, I'll start a Coopers Irish Stout tonight and I require 500g of Dextrose and another 500g of DME. Since I wanted more dextrose for priming, I bought a 1.2 KG bag. I don't have any scales at home to properly check the weight. I was wondering if both DME and Dextrose had about the same...
  13. fardy

    Do recipes always use LME ?

    Hi all, I'm currently browsing the web to find an easy first recipe. All the recipes are asking for a certain amount (lbs) of malt extract. Since they are not specifying if it is LME or DME do I always have to assume that it is the liquid one ? Thanks,
  14. fardy

    First batch questions...

    Hi everyone, I've started my first batch using the Coopers Australian Lager can that came with my Coopers Micro Brew kit. It's now been 5 days and there absolutely no activiy in the airlock. I saw some bubbling at the top of the fermenting bucket after 2 days but not a lot. I was wondering if...
  15. fardy

    Is can fermentation time's different ?

    Hi, I'm about to do my first batch using a Coopers Can kit. I'm going with a long primary without a secondary. I've read many different posts saying to leave a long primary for about a month or more. Is this rule applies to all-grain only or is the fermentation time's the same for every...