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  1. BarleyWater

    Beligian Wit Orange Chicken

    So I wanted to make a recipe that had one of my homebrews in it, and I've really been enjoying this Wit I have on tap recently, so here is the orange chicken glaze that I ended up making. 1 1/2 cups Belgian Wit 1/4 cup lemon juice (~2 large lemons) 1/4 cup rice vinegar 2 1/2 tbsp soy...
  2. BarleyWater

    Slovenian Celeia Hops

    So our supplier at work sent us a box of these hops. Says it is a cross between Savinjski Golding, Aurora and Slovenian wild hops between 5-6%AA, but our box says 2.8%AA. Of course I don't know what those others are like either. I've been thinking of bringing home a couple oz's and brewing a...
  3. BarleyWater

    Dr Pepper Dubbel

    So I was inspired by this thread,,to make a beer using Dr Pepper as part of the fermentables, and I was inspired by this thread,, to make my own candy syrup. The...
  4. BarleyWater

    Heath vs Skor

    Heath vs Skor, which is better, decide and discuss. I just had a side by side tasting, and I gotta go with Skor. Both go good with Stone 13th Anniversary.
  5. BarleyWater

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Dark Chocolate Stout

    2009 Alamo City Cerveza Fest Gold Medal Winner Ingredients Brewhouse Efficiency: 82.00% 7 lbs 8.0 oz Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 69.77 % 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L (80.0 SRM) Grain 9.30 % 1 lbs Chocolate Malt (350.0 SRM) Grain 9.30 % 8.0 oz Roasted Barley (500.0 SRM)...
  6. BarleyWater

    Livin' the Dream

    Well guys and gals, due in large part to all the help that I have received here the past couple years, also an interview I heard on the Brewing Network and my wife's encouragement, I decided to go to brew school. I just finished the Concise Course in Brewing Technology at Siebel a couple weeks...
  7. BarleyWater

    Homebrew Black & Tan

    I've tried it before and it didn't work, but now I have two beers with FGs that are different enough to pour a very nice black and tan. I have an Imperial Porter with an FG of 1.018 and a Pale Ale with an FG of 1.013. The pale is a little darker in the photo because a little porter is...
  8. BarleyWater

    Rhizomes are on the way

    I just got an email from the fine people at Hopsdirect, and my order is already getting shipped out. I expected to have to wait at least till the end of the month, but the confirmation email I got today, says they are getting shipped out now, so YIPEEEEEE!!!!:rockin::rockin:. Last year I...
  9. BarleyWater

    It's Growing Time!

    It's been in the 80s for a few days (except today) and hasn't been below freezing for several weeks. Today I saw that my Willamette has grown up through the mulch, which means it's a good 6 inches already. My last season was cut really short, so hopefully I will have plenty of time to get a...
  10. BarleyWater

    In Case of Emergency

    Press Here (Turn Speakers Up)
  11. BarleyWater

    I'm Going To Beer College!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's like Homer Simpson's dream some true! I will soon be starting a course at Siebel. I just got home from work and checked my e-mail, and found a message with my registration papers and links to order books. Looks like it's time to start studying again, but somehow I don't see it as being a...
  12. BarleyWater

    F-ing Hydrometers

    Shattered glass all over the counter... damnit! Why do these ****ers break so damn easily. Bump them into any hard surface and it's like they're filled with explosives, they just shatter all over the place like a lightbulb. Don't these people know that we drink before handling those things...
  13. BarleyWater

    Finally a Brewery Logo

    I have been thinking about it, and talking about it for a couple years now. I have made labels, but all have been lacking a logo. Well, now I finally have a logo. It's my first shot at it, and it is likely to change, but here's the rough draft. I really think it will look nice around the...
  14. BarleyWater

    Stone Ruination IPA

    Commercial Description: Stone Ruination IPA
  15. BarleyWater

    New Computer Extras

    Most of the crap that comes on new computers is a buch of junk. Trial programs that want you to buy the full version, programms that you would never purchase but you for some reason have them anyway. My new comp came with Microsoft Works, really... who the hell uses Works, just charge a couple...
  16. BarleyWater

    Free Bottle Opener

    Hey guys, one of the radio stations I work for is giving away these cool, solid brass guitar, promotional bottle openers. All you gotta do is tell us where to send it. We don't use your info for anything, sell it to anyone, or call you in the middle of the night breathing heavily into the...
  17. BarleyWater

    My First Gold Medal!!!!

    I just had to share with everyone. I just got the results back from the second competition I have ever entered, I only sent in 1 beer, and it brought home the Gold.:rockin: Hopefully this beer will fare as well in the other comp I sent it off too, but I am stoked. Time to go crack one open...
  18. BarleyWater

    Schwarzbier May the Schwarz-bier With You

    :ban: This is my first gold medal beer, in my second competition. I have been working with this recipe in some form since I began brewing. It was originally extract, but no longer really resembles the Black Lager of the past. Hops used were only because I couldn't get anything German, but...
  19. BarleyWater

    The Smell of Autolysis

    Smells like a mixture of dirty ballsack, vomit and a hint of mildew thrown in. I went to the LHBS a few days ago and got a batch of beer. As I was checking out, the gut says to me that they have a special going on, and I can get 2 packets of saflager for the price of one. I was going to use...
  20. BarleyWater

    Surprising Aeration Results

    On a recent episode of Basic Brewing, they discussed different aeration methods and conducted some tests using a dissolved oxygen meter, and the results were very interesting. The tests were shaking, aquarium pump, aquarium pump w/ 2 micron airstone, high volume pump, and high volume pump w/...