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  1. HopHoarder

    Why do we call it "Black" IPA?

    I mash my entire grainbill as a single step infusion. That being said I don't know if that's the best way or not. I generally like to mash around 150-152 for 75 minutes.
  2. HopHoarder

    Why do we call it "Black" IPA?

    Yes they are but when you say "American" the common perception is a referral to the U.S. alone, which is my point. Incidentally Phillips Brewery in Victoria, Canada also had a hand in developing and popularizing the style. Plenty of American references already in beer styles, time for something...
  3. HopHoarder

    Why do we call it "Black" IPA?

    Cascadian Dark Ale is primarily what it's called out here in Cascadia (west coast of the U.S. and Canada). CDA's are often hopped citrusy like our IPAs, so really I think the CDA is the best name for this emerging style of beer. Let's leave "American" out of the name please.
  4. HopHoarder

    Cold Weather Beer - Need Ideas!

    Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Porter is a great winter beer. The recipe can be found on this site.
  5. HopHoarder

    Most Awful Beer Ever Award

    I'll add my vote for that rancid Boatswain IPA that's at Trader Joe's. Awful awful beer.
  6. HopHoarder

    Tofino Hoppin' Cretin IPA

    I doubt that many on this forum would have tried that beer. I'm just east of Vancouver and I've never heard of the brewery or the beer. Website says Citrus, Tropical Fruit and Pine, so I'd guess offhand Cascade, Simcoe and possibly Amarillo. I'd also guess that they do alot of late additions...
  7. HopHoarder

    Russian Imperial Stout Recipe Advice

    I'd cut back quite a bit on the Black Patent. Take that bad boy down to 4oz and put in around 5% grainbill of Roasted Barley instead. Personally I'd also scale back your flaked barley and oats to 1lb each. If you can get some Special Roast or Victory Malt, I'd throw in 1lb of that. I just...
  8. HopHoarder

    Hops for an end of summer IPA

    This time of year I look at what I have left and make something out of my leftover hops to make way for the new harvest.
  9. HopHoarder

    high alpha hops

    Anything past 120 or so IBUs is pointless as you won't notice the difference anymore. That being said though one of my favorite hops for higher IBU counts in my IPAs is Summit. I prefer First Wort Hopping summit over say a 60 minute addition as I find the bitterness to be smoother that way.
  10. HopHoarder

    Drink with a Celebrity

    Johny Cash
  11. HopHoarder

    Islay style IPA

    I too am interested in how this will turn out.
  12. HopHoarder

    Canadian Roll Call!!

    You can buy directly from the Gambrinus plant?
  13. HopHoarder

    A Flanders sour mash experiment

    Yes I would definitely brew this one again. As far as the grain bill goes I wouldn't change anything, but I would probably be a bit more aggressive with the sour mash to get more of that tart twang. The raspberries works really well in secondary.
  14. HopHoarder

    A Flanders sour mash experiment

    Tasting it after some aging I and a few of my drinking buddies thought this beer was quite tasty. Distinct but not over-powering raspberry paired with a decent malt body combined with the sour mash twang. Definitely a good one to enjoy on the patio.
  15. HopHoarder

    Best places in Maui to buy/ drink beer?

    I'm heading to Maui in a couple days and will be staying in Kihei. I already know of Maui Brewing Company and will certainly be going there, but other than that, where else is a good place in Maui to buy beer or to drink decent beer?
  16. HopHoarder

    A Flanders sour mash experiment

    I never actually said "Flanders Red", but "Flanders sour mash". Maybe if I said "Flanders-style" instead it would be less confusing to you? Anyway I don't expect this to taste like a Grand Cru but I'm interested (as are a few others) as to how this beer will turn out. When I tasted it going...
  17. HopHoarder

    A Flanders sour mash experiment

    Yeah I have other batches on Roselare. The particular beer I talking about on this thread is sour mash only and using BRY-97 yeast with a bit of pacman for bottle conditioning; no Brett.
  18. HopHoarder

    Does Roselare in Flanders Red need a starter?

    I think glass carboys are the better way to go for -less oxygen getting in -a clearer view of what's going on in the carboy -easier clean-up afterwards ensuring all the brett bugs are gone (plastic would be harder to get rid of the brett) I would also recommend adding malto-dextrine to...
  19. HopHoarder

    Are there any hops you actually dislike?

    I tried Summer hops but found them rather bland. I'm not planning on using them again.
  20. HopHoarder

    Fathers Day Sale at Farmhouse.

    Well that put me over the edge. Bought 1lb of Wakatu and 8oz of falconers flight. Thanks farmhouse!