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  1. happypanties

    Forgot to Stir

    I'm making a batch of skeeter pee and pitched my yeast last night. I just realized I forgot to stir after pitching. Should I stir when I get home tonight after work? That will be about 20 hours after pitching the yeast. When I checked this morning there was a good krausen on top already, so...
  2. happypanties

    Need help connecting Blichmann Beer Gun to CO2 Regulator

    Can someone please help me understand what part I need to connect the CO2 tube to my CO2 regulator? Below is a picture of the tube provided in the accessory kit and the regulator I want to connect it to (see The...
  3. happypanties

    Hit pre-boil gravity but OG too low

    I continue to have a problem with my BIAB process where my OG is coming out too low. I have been formulating my recipes with BeerSmith, and trying to hit my numbers. Last brew I hit my pre-boil gravity of 1.032 and missed my target OG by 8 points, got 1.044 when I BeerSmjth estimates 1.052...
  4. happypanties

    Funny Recommendation from Welding Supply Shop

    So I go into a local welding supply shop to get my 5lb co2 cylinder filled today, and I think the owner is giving me some bad advise. He said next time I come in he'll hook me up with some beer gas and tells me that nitro is the way to go. He said it will make my beer taste much better...
  5. happypanties

    Corona Mill Missing Part?

    I ordered this corona mill and wondering if I'm missing a part. Shouldn't there be a shield that covers the grinding plates?
  6. happypanties

    New BIAB Kettle

    I found this awesome 7.5 gallon stainless steel stock pot w/steamer insert on sale and after coupon for $53. The steamer insert worked great for the 2.5 gallon batch I brewed this weekend. I was able to fit 4.9 gallons of strike water, and 5.5 pounds of grain, plus the steamer insert to...
  7. happypanties

    Question about low OG reading

    I brewed a batch this weekend and the recipe called for an OG reading of 1.062, and mine came in at 1.050. I have a suspicion why, and want some feedback. I cooled the wort to 68 degrees, then whirlpooled and let it sit for about 30 min. I drew my sample from the "clear" wort on top after...
  8. happypanties

    My Rant on Thermometers!

    I made the jump to all grain earlier this year, did about 8 batches using the BIAB technique. The one area I'm trying to improve is hitting my numbers, specifically mash temp. I have three thermometers. One is a digital thermometer w/probe that I bought at Walmart (AcuRite 00994W), another...
  9. happypanties

    When to remove hops?

    Do you remove hops before you begin cooling, or after? I am wondering what it means to add hops at "flame out". I use a small bag for my hops and always remove them before cooling the wort.
  10. happypanties

    Mash Out Temp too High

    I brewed my second all grain BIAB batch this weekend and everything went great except for one issue. After a 60-min mash, which my temps stayed right around 153, I started turning up the heat on my electric stovetop to get it up to 170 for a 10 min mash out. It was taking a long time for it to...
  11. happypanties

    Oops I goofed

    Trying all grain for the first time tonight using the BIAB method. After mashing, I pulled my grains and drained for about 30 minutes before I brought the temp up to 170. I realize now I should have kept my grains in and brought it up to 170, then drain them. What kind of effect is...
  12. happypanties

    Digital Thermometer

    I bought this after seeing some pics from brewers on this site that use similar equipment. AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer with Removable Stand, 00994W: Kitchen & Dining There is a warning on the package that says not to submit the probe in water. I am doing a test with my...
  13. happypanties

    Need a good, easy SMaSH recipe

    Going to try my first all-grain brew this weekend using Death Brewer's Easy Stovetop method. I thought starting with a SMaSH would be a little easier, and also help me learn about the different types of malts and hops. So I'd like to do something a little bit on the lighter side, maybe...
  14. happypanties

    How long to wait to use Wyeast?

    I bought a brewers best Kolsch kit yesterday (Friday) and the LHBS had a Wyeast 2565 packet which I bought and would like to use. They had it refrigerated, and I am wondering how long I need to wait until its room temperature before I can brew. The guy that works there said wait until tomorrow...
  15. happypanties

    Secondary Fermentation Need Hydrometer?

    I have an American ale which I racked to a secondary on top of 4 lbs of cranberries. It was in primary for 2 weeks, and this weekend will be 2 weeks in secondary. Do I need to take hydrometer readings for a few days to make sure it stays constant? Or am I ok to go ahead and bottle this weekend?
  16. happypanties

    Brewer's Best Recipes

    Getting ready to brew my third batch ever, and my LHBS has several Brewer's Best kits. I'm wondering, which recipe do you guys think would be closest to something like Old Speckled Hen? I'm not sure if that's considered a Pale Ale or a Bitter? Here's the list of beers: Brewer's Best Beer...
  17. happypanties

    Secondary Fermentation w/Carboy

    So in order to keep the old lady happy with my new found hobby, I've decided to brew a cranberry-ale for her. I've had it fermenting in primary bucket for a few weeks, and getting ready to rack to secondary on top of the cranberries. I have close to 5 Gallons in the primary bucket now. My...
  18. happypanties

    Adding Hops

    I brewed a Brewer's Best German Altbier kit last weekend, and this was my first homebrew. The directions for adding hops said to just open up the pouch and dump it directly into the wort. I did this a bit different, by placing the hops in a muslin bag and removing the muslin bag when I poured...
  19. happypanties

    First Home Brew - Brewers Best German Altbier

    Well I brewed my first homebrew this weekend, it's a Brewers Best German Altbier. I'm curious if anyone here has brewed this before and if they have any advise. I am seeing a lot of bubbles after two days fermenting, I love hearing the bleep bleep bloop bloop out of the airlock :) The...
  20. happypanties

    Buying starter kit. What else do I need?

    Picking up a starter brew kit at my local shop tomorrow. I bought a 5 gallong stock pot tonight. Can you guys recommend anything else I will need? Here's what I will be buying Product Description This True Micro...