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  1. hot_carl

    Texas 12" 30 plate chiller for Chillzilla trade

    Looking to trade an almost new (used twice so far) 3"x12" 30 plate chiller for a chillzilla or similar convoluted counterflow chiller. This thing is super efficient, but as I whirlpool with the chiller inline, I have worries about trub/hops getting clogged up during a brew sessions. I'm...
  2. hot_carl

    Control box for 120 AND it possible?

    I have a control box I'm building up now that is running on 120V, but I have built with the capability/plan to convert to 240V when I have the proper power feed. The control box only runs the HLT heater and the temp monitoring probes right now...wont control the boil keggle until I have 240...
  3. hot_carl

    Nonmetallic control panel enclosures

    I recently decided to move to electric brewing from propane and in looking over many builds, I see alot of people using steel enclosures for their panels. The steel enclosures seem heavier, more expensive, and harder to cut holes in than the ABS and fiberglass type (which I just picked up from...
  4. hot_carl

    'Immersed' CFC for HERMS system

    Just throwing some ideas around while I'm designing my eHERMS system. While debating whether to use 3/8 or 1/2 tubing, I came across people using chillzillas for HERMS duties. They all seemed to have thermal loss issues however since the chiller is usually mounted a bit away on the brewstand...
  5. hot_carl

    110V eHERMS do-able for 10 Gal?

    All, I've been trolling around here for a bit and finally decided to upgrade the bayou burner/cooler setup to a keggle based eHERMS system and build a brewstand...then ran into a snag. The house that my wife and I are renting currently is older and does NOT ahve 220 access in the garage or...
  6. hot_carl

    Sealing back of Love temp controller

    Hey Guys, Just built up a collar for my new keezer that replaced old faithfull the kegerator(Didn't die, just serving up beer in a new home). I wired up a Love temp control unit and I would like to mount it in the collar as well. I see a possible problem with condensation not mixing well with...