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  1. vinnythering

    How long for autolysis?

    I've had a batch sitting in primary at around 68 degrees for roughly three months. Am I screwed? Haven't tasted it yet. How long does it typically take for autolysis to set in?
  2. vinnythering

    Beer tattoo!

    I'm looking for a possible homebrewing/general beer tattoo. This is a random idea and I haven't thought it through nor have I researched it. Just wondering what was out there.
  3. vinnythering

    "Is my beer ruined?" thread #1,035,536 - Sour taste

    I figured the beginner's forum is the best place to ask about this. I can't solidly find a good resource for what happened, so that is why I am asking here. I don't consider myself a beginner anymore, not with 30+ batches under my belt. But I don't claim to be an expert either. Here it goes...
  4. vinnythering

    Soggy Fridge

    I am planning a double batch later this week and decided, because the weather is going to be getting much warmer, that my immersion chiller/pond pump combination would be the better way to go to chill them. I am tired of overpaying for ice to do this, so I decided to freeze three 16 qt bins full...
  5. vinnythering

    First Cider

    Recently, I have become obsessed with cider. I decided, after much deliberation, that this is how I am going to make my first batch: 5 Gallons TreeTop Cider (already purchased) 2 Cans Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast 2 weeks in primary at 70F 1...
  6. vinnythering

    American IPA Check my recipe thread

    5 gal batch 60 min boil 12 lb 2-row 8 oz C20 8 oz C60 Mash at 154 for 60 mins, no mash out 0.5 oz Warrior 16.7% @ FWH 0.5 oz Columbus 15.2%, Simcoe 13.5%, Zythos 10.5% @ 15 0.5 oz Columbus 15.2%, Simcoe 13.5%, Zythos 10.5% @ 5 0.5 oz Columbus 15.2%, Simcoe 13.5%, Zythos 10.5% @ 0 Dry hop...
  7. vinnythering

    Optic/Sterling SMaSH

    Haven't seen this combination here yet. I rarely see Optic used as a base in recipes, and I've also never used it and have been curious about it. Also, the descriptions I've read about Sterling hops being like a slightly floral and citrusy Saaz sound great to me. Here is the recipe. Style...
  8. vinnythering

    Irish Red Ale

    Yup, another "check my recipe" thread. If you've read any of my previous posts, I have stated that I will be doing this for a while. I think this one is in the bag but I want to be sure. Style: Irish Red Ale Estimated Measurements: SRM: 12.4 SRM IBU: 18.9 IBUs OG: 1.051 SG FG: 1.014 SG ABV...
  9. vinnythering

    Extra Special Bitter

    This one is for July 27. Never used Melanoiden Malt before so I am unsure of what this will do. I have read that I may be aiming to use too much, but I will let you all be the judge of that and help me tweak my recipe. Style: Extra Special Bitter Estimated Measurements: SRM: 10.9 SRM IBU: 39.1...
  10. vinnythering

    Belgian Tripel

    This one is going to be brewed on July 13. I figure this time I will seek the help of professionals BEFORE ordering my ingredients. This is what I determined to be best for me. I am going to share my recipes and, with help, develop them to a point that I can set the recipe in stone. Basically, I...
  11. vinnythering

    Lemon Chamomile Honey Blonde

    New brew for Friday, June 15. Once again, the grain bill is already mixed so I can't take anything out, but I am not opposed to adding ingredients. Style: Blonde Ale Estimated Measurements: SRM: 3.9 SRM IBU: 17.7 IBUs OG: 1.038 SG (before honey) OG: 1.049 SG (after honey) FG: 1.004 SG ABV...
  12. vinnythering

    Tangerine Porter

    Well dang it there I go getting ahead of myself again. I planned to make a tangerine porter WITHOUT seeking the advice of others. I keep doing this with poor results... Anyway, here is my recipe: 43.0% 5.00 lb pale malt 25.8% 3.00 lb munich 15.1% 1.75 lb crystal 60 6.50% 0.75 lb honey...
  13. vinnythering

    AHS Magic Hop Dust IPA

    I've read some mixed feelings about using AHS's Magic Hop Dust I'm making an IPA with it. Well I think I am anyway. That's what I'm going for. 4 oz continuously hopped followed by another 4 oz dry hopped in the secondary. The...
  14. vinnythering

    Dry Rice Extract and Beersmith 2

    I really hate asking for help. I'm that kind of person that likes to figure things out for myself or to locate answers on my own. But this time I've run into a bit of trouble. I'm trying to input the dry rice extract MoreBeer! offers into Beersmith 2 and can't for the life of me find anything...