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  1. koomber

    Kaptain Koomber's Counter Pressure Auto Bottler

    I've been working on a design for a counter pressure auto bottler (ie counter pressure bottle filler that starts filling a bottle once the bottle is on, but stops when the bottle is removed.) It should allow for 1 handed, easy operation. If needed you can add CO2 purging too, but obviously...
  2. koomber

    Reduced Boil Time for Bittering Additions

    I've heard that by reducing the length of boil, but increasing the amount of hops used, then you can get a much smoother bittering from the hops. It sounds reasonable to me so I was plying with an idea for a ESB: Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item Type % or IBU 4.50 kg Pale Malt, Maris...
  3. koomber

    Munich Scotch Style Ale

    Trying to work down my existing stock of malts and hops before I get some fresh stuff in. I'm quite partial to an 80/- or two so I've decided to go ahead and brew one, with a Teutonic Twist. Due to limitations on what grains I have, and because I think it might actually work, I've decided to...
  4. koomber

    Gonna be in Texas drilling.

    I'm chaning jobs in the summer and I'm gonna be in Houston for about 2 months doing a drilling training course. Just wondering if any of the fine members of the forum can recommend any great pubs to sample great beers or any events that would be worth attending. Also, if any of you guys have...
  5. koomber

    Nelson Sauvin Wheat Ale advice wanted

    Planning putting together a nelson sauvin wheat ale. Thinking about 20 to 30% wheat, pilsner for malts. Maybe some sugar to get the abv up but keeping the body thin, though maybe a lower temp will do the same thing. Going to keep the ibu low and go for a n.s. Domination on the aroma, but...
  6. koomber

    Kaptain Koomber's Keggerator

    Thought I'd post this here since my other builds have got some attention. This time I'm going for the big one. (For those who grace some of the UK based homebrew forums, I have posted it there too, but I love to share :D ) A KEGGERATOR I've decided to build myself a kegerator for Christmas...
  7. koomber

    Anyone seen a tap like this?

    I've found these taps in Germany and they look pretty nice and best of all they are pretty cheap. I've dealt with the company before and they are exceptional. My only problem is that I can find out pretty much nothing about the taps. CAn one of you chaps shed some light on this...
  8. koomber

    Faucet Bamboozlement

    I've got a growing collection of Cornies but have thus far kept the one set of ball locks and party tap that came with the first one, I'm based in UK and approx $40 (£20) for a set of ball locks makes my balls lock. Fortunately with Christmas coming up I'm going to get a gaggle of them sent...
  9. koomber

    Hazardous to your health

    Beer and pie have rounded on me to kick my ass silly and I've now got a pair of blossoming moobs. Fantastic.
  10. koomber

    Bonzo's IBA (Indian Blonde Ale)

    I made this before using slightly less hops for bittering and adding the final addition of Northern brewer later in the boil but I've tweaked it a bit and I think the recipe is the better for the changes. The idea with the malt is that the munich would give it a bit of malty body (though not...
  11. koomber

    Because I'm Proud of British Beer

    A Video by SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) Because dammit, I'm proud of British Beer and British brewing. =D>. I know this is mostly an American forum but IMHO the more likes this gets the better. And after all, you guys can't have all the fun with the first rate craft beers ;)...
  12. koomber

    Cold Break, Krausen and Questions (Attorney at law)

    I've recently made the transition from an immersion chiller to a CFC and I'm very happy with the results thus far. From what I understand the fact that the cold break is getting into the primary fermenter isn't a problem as the cold break is out of solution and that now that they are 'broken'...
  13. koomber

    Corenlius tap storage

    Just tapped my first ever Cornie and I have a question about the party taps. How do you store them when not in use? In theory the beer in the line shouldn't go off, but the end of the party tap I'm using mind go a bit minky. I was thinking about stiking the head of the tap in a jar of...
  14. koomber

    2x4 IPA. To SMaSH or not to SMaSH?

    I've been looking around and come across the concept of SMASH (Single Malt, Single Hop) which I think sounds like a (pardon the pun) smashing idea. Apart from the the reservations about the single malt aspect of the idea which I'm struggling with, I've been thinking about a simple hop...
  15. koomber

    Chatroom 4 Hop, Hop Grenade

    Whilst drinking on the chatroom I asked a simple question: <koomber> simcoe, cascade, amarillo or pacifica... who shall go into my IPA?.... the unanimous verdict was: all of them. Now, usually I'm happy putting together a recipe, I can figure it out, but usually I put together a recipe...
  16. koomber

    Question about aroma hopping

    I'm putting toether a a hoppy little pale ale atm, something that crosses American hopping levels, a blonde ale and European hops; northern brewer and Styrian Goldings. What I'm aiming for is something with a nice bite and a clue by four of hoppy flavour and aroma. But I'm not 100% sure...
  17. koomber

    Using PET bottles for long term storage of wort

    I managed to get a few 1 Litre Pet Bottles, formerly from a Biology lab (they were used to store water). I was wondering does anyone know of a good way to santise these for storage of wort. I was hoping to use them to make up a couple of litres of wort and then freeze/refridgerate it and...
  18. koomber

    Another Counter Flow Chiller Video

    It's a Point of View guide to making a Counter Flow Chiller from Start to Finish. plus a second video showing it being tested with boiling water. I call it the mighty micro because it is a bit smaller than most other CFC's I've seen. It works pretty well though! Manages to cool 5 gallons of...
  19. koomber

    Yeast Suitability

    I'm sure that I saw a link somewhere that showed roughly what yeasts were suitable for which beer style. I can't seem to find it anymore. Does anyone have something similar?
  20. koomber

    VMO Differentiation

    I've been looking at brewing a Marzen beer in the next week or so (I know, wrong time of year, but I've just got my lagering fridge running and I'll be damned if I do a 'normal' lager right of the bat.) Since I got Designing Great Beers for my Christmas, I've been scouring through that for...