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  1. kmat123

    Beer Review Dude BIAB Calculator

    I noticed when I follow the link below that it no longer leads to the BIAB calculator. Does anyone have the excel version that they can email me? Thanks in advance! [email protected]
  2. kmat123

    Carbing while cold crashing?

    I ferment all of my beer in corny kegs, cold crash for 3-4 days and then use a jumper to transfer to serving keg. I then carb for 36 hours at 30 PSI and then turn it down to serving pressure for 7 days. My question is can I get my 36 hour "boost" carb out of the way when cold crashing? Will this...
  3. kmat123

    Transfer rate to BK?

    Oops that should read draining not retaining
  4. kmat123

    Transfer rate to BK?

    Hey all, I brew on a 5 gallon two vessel no sparse rig. When I transfer my wort from my mash ton to the boil kettle does it matter how quickly I drain the MLT or can I just let my march pump run full blast? I have always transferred slowly at about 1 qt. per min thinking that slowly retaining...
  5. kmat123

    Holiday Spiced Beer - Missed hop addition.

    I brewed a holiday spice ale about a month ago and realized that I missed my final hop addition, 1 oz. of tettanger at 10 min boil. Below is the recipe. As is with the 0.50 oz. of Columbus my IBUs are at 20. I want the spices to shine in this beer and don't want it to be too hoppy. Would I be...
  6. kmat123

    Frozen yeast starter.

    Update: I woke up this morning and the fermenter was happily bubbling away. We will see how it goes...
  7. kmat123

    Frozen yeast starter.

    Well I decided to pitch it an hope for the best. If it doesn't start fermenting in a few days I'll build up a new yeast starter and repitch.
  8. kmat123

    Frozen yeast starter.

    So I brewed an Oktoberfest today (I know better late than never right?) and tossed my fermenter in my fermentation chamber set to 50 degrees. I was only able to cool the wort to 75 degrees with my IC because it was hot in Bend today and figured I'd let the freezer do the rest of the work. Well...
  9. kmat123

    Building my Two Cooler All Grain Brewery

    Where did you get those coolers from?
  10. kmat123

    Benefits/drawbacks of aging in keg?

    I also ferment in cornies and usually fill them up with wort to just below the gas in dip tube. I then pull off the gas IN poppet and fit a 5/8" length of nylon tubing over as a blow off tube. I end up with about 1 quart of blow-off using this system with most beers.
  11. kmat123

    Converted a bayou burner from propane to Natural gas

    Does anyone know which bayou classic burner that is?
  12. kmat123

    Grain Mill Motors..

    Looks a little expensive at $515.21 ;)
  13. kmat123

    Stainless Steel Growler Little spendy but pretty cool!
  14. kmat123

    My new burner stand

    What burner is that?
  15. kmat123

    Single Tier RIMS with only two pots

    I agree with jkarp. I usually just lower the efficiency to 70% when planning my brews in Beersmith and it does the math for me.
  16. kmat123

    Single Tier RIMS with only two pots

    I recently built a no sparge 2 vessel HERMS rig with a single pump. I constantly recirculate during the mash and have been consistently hitting efficiency from 73-77% on beers up to 1.070. Our single tier 3 vessel rig gets an efficiency of 80-85%. For an average 5 gallon batch of beer with an OG...
  17. kmat123

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    A cooper immersion chiller should work great and you might actually get better heat exchange than with a SS coil like I have.
  18. kmat123

    Carbing while cold crashing?

    I do the same with my lagers after transferring them to a new vessel. Are you saying you carb up the primary?
  19. kmat123

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Hey Steve, I originally tried cooling by pumping ice water through the immersion coil in the BK but this took about 40 min to bring the wort from boiling to pitching temps. On the next brew day I decided to place the IC in the cooler filled with first 10 gallons of cold tap water (which brings...
  20. kmat123

    Carbing while cold crashing?

    I ferment in corny kegs and for most of my ales ferment for about 21 days in the primary, cold crash for 3-4 days and then carb. I usually carb at 30 psi for 36 hours and then turn down to serving pressure (10-12 psi). This gets the beer pretty close to optimally carbed up in about 7 days. My...