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    growing hops?

    I have a dog and I grow hops, the dog seems to stay away from I wouldn't worry but it might just depend on the dog.
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    Brewing Software - Comments Please

    I use beersmith, I like the interface better than promash, but either will give you good beer.
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    How often do you drink homebrew???

    I tend to drink every 3rd day now.....Usually all home brew. I tend to go through it fast though as most guys in my dept want to have samples brought to them.
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    Using whole hops????

    Cool thanks!
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    Using whole hops????

    When using whole hops do I throwin the whole cone or do I need to pick the stem out of the middle of the cone. If I use the whole cone will it give tannins?
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    looking for mag pump

    Where is a good place to look for a mag pump that can handle 250+ degrees? Thanks
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    A few tech questions...

    Double fermintation isn't nessasy, but it does help a bit. I wouldn't do seconday in the bottling bucket simply because the sigot will be clogged with particulate that has fallen out. Better to use 2 different carboy/buckets then transfer to the bottling bucket. There is a Local Home...
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    Can anyone translate this for me?

    What part of Tampa?
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    Big beer in primary - how long?

    When I do Belgians I will leave them in the primary for no more than 24 days (usually get to 21 then transfer). then 14 days in the secondary and bottle (I don't keg my belgian so they have time to get better in the bottle). Make sure to swirl the carboy every 2 to 3 days once the krausen...
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    critique my ESB...

    I did a 10 gal on batch half had Burton yeast and half had British. The British won gold and the Burton won bronze. The British just came out more smooth and scored a 42. What ever you do make sure you have hard water ( my tap water is hard enough you could break it with a hammer), just filter...
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    critique my ESB...

    This is my receipe for ESB, I won 2 medals with this receipe. If nothing else it might help. You can use London or British WLP005 both are close, last one I did was with british (I liked it better). I need to brew this gain as I am down to 1 bottle left. Damn brew smith didn't cut an paste...
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    adding fruit to wheat beers

    My wife likes Sea Dog's Blueberry and rasberry wheat beers and she asked me to make one. Now I have made wheat beers before so I am good on that part, but when do I add the fruit....boil? secondary? I hope to make it next weekend.
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    BeerSmith vs. ProMash

    I have been using brewsmith, I found is first and find the interface alot more to my liking. I have won 6 medals with this software it has to be good to me.
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    Homegrown Hops

    I have 5 types and all 5 have sproted and are growing at an alarming rate. I have them on a drip system and they are watered 2 times a day @30 min a water. There has been very little rain in Florida this spring and nothing but sun. They are growning at what seems to be 2.5 to 3 inches a...
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    bittering is cluster and the flavor/aroma is cascade. The ratio is 63.7 % lager and 36.3 porter (per one of the Yuengling brewers in Tampa) and they use a propietary yeast from what I was told that is used in all their beers and they ferment around 58 to 62. If you are in PA near the brewery...
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    I haven't been brewing long but I entered the Florida State fair and it was a cool expirence, I did it mainly to get feedback on my beers. Gold Medal - english pale ale - British ESB Gold Medal - English Brown - Nut Brown Bronze Medal - Amber Hybrid - Cal Common Bronze Medal - English Pale Ale...
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    How Many Batches Have You Brewed?

    I think I am on #40 since aug'05. I was brewing twice a week when I could (until I started making Belgians) and winter was nice in Florida cause I could have carboys in the house @70 degrees. I think I went over the 200 gals last year as most of them were 10 gal batches, but my neighbors don't...
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    Lager Conditioning Temperature

    I have always read that to lager it you should have the 2ndary at 10-12 degrees cooler than the primary ferm temp of 55*f for lagering(which is german for "store" not damn near freeze)....correct me if I am wrong (I suck at math) but isn't that in the 40s and not @32? Just currious cause I know...
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    What is your brew routine?

    I have 3 6-gal, 1 6.5-gal, 5 5-gal and 2 1 gal jugs. I have a kegerator with 3 taps and I have 5 kegs for it(3 on tap 2 conditioning). I have a closet of beer conditioning. During football season I would brew twice a week, sometimes more when it is cool in FL, but now it is getting hot again...
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    an issue...

    I use a quad sanitizer (resturant/deli sanitizer) called Q-san and I sanitize the same way all the time. I have a few of those stick on termometers on different carboys and one did say 82*f so I am leaning more to the temp side. Damn FL weather 40 40 40 40 60 90 35 90 90 90...crap beer went...