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    Customised English Pub Glass?

    Have you looked at
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    How critical is PH for partial mash

    I think it's fair to say that this article discredits the use of RA to estimate mash pH. I for one was surprised to learn that Kolbach's original research was based on POST-BOIL pH measurements...NOT mash pH measurements.
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    Interesting Water Report

    Thanks Martin -- that is what I was beginning to suspect. It seemed odd to have that much bicarbonate without any calcium (or magnesium). That's what I get for neglecting to ask if this location had a water softener installed. Looks like I'll be going back for another sample directly from the...
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    Interesting Water Report

    So I've had water samples analyzed for a half-dozen locations over the past few years, and this is the first one that doesn't completely make sense to me. It looks like otherwise soft water with (effectively) baking soda added? What sort of geology would produce groundwater like this? Or is...
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    Dark Beer Problems

    Are your dark beers, too "sharp", thin or acidic? Then brewing water it is... I will second the recommendation to use Bru'N Water or another mash pH prediction spreadsheet, but I will respectfully disagree with the suggestion to add calcium chloride or magnesium sulfate. The alkalinity of...
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    filling a sanke D corny keg

    Some breweries will clean your keg for you for a nominal fee. To fill one keg from another, you'll need two sanke couplers, with the check valves removed from one coupler so that beer can flow in and excess CO2/pressure can vent. Or buy one of these.
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    Thoughts on my Mini-Fridge Kegerator Build Plans

    Just wondering if you went ahead with this kegerator project and if you ran into any issues with that Danby refrigerator. We are starting to shop around for a new fridge for a conversion and are considering the same as you did.
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    Problems with Nottingham?

    11 grams, rehydrated, in 5.5 gallons of 1.056 wort, pitched at 62F and ramped up to 66F over a week, as noted above. Again, I have brewed the same recipe with other English yeasts several times and only the Nottingham batch exhibited this "Nottingham weirdness". While I am by no means an expert...
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    Problems with Nottingham?

    I got a weird sort of earthy/oaky/harshness from an English IPA fermented at 62F, ramped up to 66F over a week or so that I have come to associate with Nottingham. We've brewed the recipe with other yeasts without that particularly Nottingham character and I get that flavor on occasion from...
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    Quick Question

    Yeah, me too.
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    American Pale Ale all grain recipe - WANTED

    I haven't had Gamma Ray, so there may be an English yeast character to that beer that you might be expecting in your brew. Generally speaking though, it's hard to argue against US-05/WLP-001/Wyeast 1056 for an American Pale Ale.
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    STC-1000 for Perlick Kegerator

    Any chance you or someone else could provide some more detail on what size fuse I would want to use?
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    Quick Question

    True. Refractometers measure the refraction of light. They are designed for simple solutions of sugar in water, and alcohol screws that up as soon as fermentation gets underway. If you are brewing the same recipe repeatedly, you could know (from experience) what refractometer readings to expect...
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    STC-1000 for Perlick Kegerator

    Wanted to check with the community to see if my plans raised any red flags with the more electricity-savvy folks. We have an old Perlick 5063ESC kegerator with an analog thermostat that I would like to override with an STC-1000. Because the compressor is plugged into a separate internal...
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    eating deposit to keep keg??

    Maybe look at it from the other side? How would you feel if you were a brewery that had a keg stolen, recovered only the $30 deposit, and then had to go out and buy a new sixth barrel to replace it for $90-100?
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    Extract "Gose" Question

    No, you don't need a separate set of equipment for this recipe. What you might want, however, is some food grade lactic acid to achieve some sourness. With this recipe, I would add it to taste, post-fermentation. You could add it with the coriander and salt, but if you over-acidify you run...
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    A recent Clarity Ferm experiment - part 1
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    Water adjustment strategy on commercial system.

    Do you also use your HLT water for cleaning? If so, I don't know if I would take the time and expense to add acid and minerals to water that would be more effective cleaning if you just left it as-is. Aside from that, I think it depends more on what mineral profiles you want for the different...
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    Help with my water.

    I suppose you want to be sure that you get a chance to brew a second batch, huh? Alkalinity would be reduced by half, yes. If you dilute 50/50 (or more), you may want to add back some calcium chloride -- the calcium will help the malt bring the mash pH down to a good place. You will probably...