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    Anybody else this lazy and cheap?

    So, ten years ago I set up this kegerator with the intent of adding taps and handles to the door. You can see how that turned out...... Still works just fine, but I really need to get on that project.
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    Azacca with Centennial?

    I made a Bell’s Two Hearted Clone last weekend. I have quite a bit of Azacca in the freezer and thought I might dry hop with a couple ounces of that. I am out of Centennial at this time. Would that work with the Centennial? Thanks for your opinions.
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    Sulfur smell in kegged pilsner

    Hi all, made a Pilsner with 34/70 yeast. Fermented at 58 F for a couple weeks. Did a D. Rest for a few days and kegged. It’s been in the keg for three weeks. How can I get rid of the sulfur smell that I get when I pour a glass. It seems to be better but I don’t know how long it will take to...