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  1. Shoemaker

    Any way to speed up the brew day?

    It takes me, from heating up my sparge water, to cleaning out my keggle at the end, 7 hours to do a 10 gallon batch. I know I can do a few things to speed up the process (like getting a separate keggle and burner to heat my sparge water). What has helped speed up your process on brew day?
  2. Shoemaker

    Which hops for dry hopping pale ale?

    I brewed the West Coast Pale ale from austinhomebrew. I have some extra hops lying around (Perle, Tettnang, Spalt, Fuggle, Hallertau, Chinook, Hersbrucker) and was wondering which one of these would be best for dry hopping a pale ale? I know the answers will be subjective, just wondering...
  3. Shoemaker

    Reusing yeast cake

    I have yeast in a growler from a previous 5 gallon batch (pale ale). Brewing a porter now and want to reuse this yeast. I poured the trub and yeast into the growler (wasn't that much hop residue). Should I pour all of the contents in evenly between my two 5 gallon batch of porter? I believe...
  4. Shoemaker

    How to remove this Diacetyl?

    Had an octoberfest fermenting at 55 degrees. Brought the temp up to room temp near the end of fermentation for a diacetyl test. I've just tasted the beer after 4 days and I taste butter. Should I leave the beer on the yeast cake at room temp for the taste to clear up or lager it? Is there any...
  5. Shoemaker

    Low Attenuation

    I've gotten low attenuation for a bunch of beers now. They taste good, but just a bit on the sweet side. I usually overshoot my OG gravity by a few points and my beers usually finish around 1.020. I've read other threads about this and how having a high mash temp can cause low attenuation...
  6. Shoemaker

    I'm bringing my beer to a wedding...

    My buddy is getting married next month and I'm bringing 5 gallons of brown ale for the occasion. I'm bringing it in a keg...I have a 5# co2 tank + regulator and was wondering what I need to pour. A picnic tap? Any advice of what I need and where I can get it is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Shoemaker

    Please redirect me to the Pumpkin ale thread thanks

    Title says it all....I just saw the thread Revvy recommended about pumpkin ales and now I can't find it. Can someone link me to it? Thanks
  8. Shoemaker

    aging in corny keg

    I read the other posts on this subject, but I'm still a little unclear of what to do with aging in a corny keg. I want to move my amber ale in a keg for a few weeks to free up carboy space, but I don't want to carbonate it yet. Do I just hit it with 30 psi for a few minutes, then set it...
  9. Shoemaker

    Fermenting lager in water bins?

    I've heard of this but wondering how you guys do it. I've got a basement in the 60s range now and I'm planning on brewing a lager tomorrow. How do you guys keep a constant temperature in these water bins? Anything else I should know?
  10. Shoemaker

    Never dump your beer success story

    So I brewed a Czech Pilsner six months ago. After screwing up the fermentation temps, it caused off flavors, noticably phenols. This beer smelled like permanent marker...real nasty. Anyways, instead of kegging it, I bottled about half the batch and dumped the rest (wish I didn't do that)...
  11. Shoemaker

    I hate how mice love barley

    Opened up my closet, low and behold, my bags of grain, which were already milled, have holes from mice. One of them, the grain is completely out, so I won't be using that. A couple of others, just the bottom corner have holes in them and it looks like a little grain was eaten. Should I use...
  12. Shoemaker

    How do I get a water report?

    Wanting to analyze my water report (ie have it posted here). How do I get this?
  13. Shoemaker

    Questioning homebrew norms after persistent phenolic taste

    I'm on the verge of quitting homebrewing. Its been about a year, and after many successful brews, recently about more than half of mine have turned out to be crap. I'm really sick of throwing out batches and wasting money and I can't figure out this problem I keep getting. Like I posted a...
  14. Shoemaker

    Long force carbonation

    Going away for 2-3 weeks and want to set my tank at a pressure that will carbonate my beer by the time I get back. What pressure should I set it at?
  15. Shoemaker

    Could double pitching be harmful?

    So it's been about 48 hours and I have yet to see signs of fermentation. I used dry yeast, rehydrated before pitching and aerated really well. I know I know, RDWHAHB...but I figured since I have an extra yeast packet, why not throw it in? Are there potential drawbacks in adding another packet of...
  16. Shoemaker

    What should I lager in?

    I got a 6 gallon glass carboy and a 5 gallon better bottle. What should I use for my lager batch which is 5 gallons? I've heard its not good to have headspace for lagering for an extended period but I also heard plastic is not good for an extended period of time.
  17. Shoemaker

    Please check my process...

    I've begun to doubt my process after a couple of bad batches. This is what I do.... (This is for 10 gallon batches) Heat strike water to 180 degrees, (1.5 qts to each pound) put in mash tun to heat up for about 10 mins. Add grain and 5.2 ph at about 170 and stir for 10 mins. At 154...
  18. Shoemaker

    Can someone please help me?!

    I've posted this question a few times before and still haven't gotten a solid response to what is going on here. I've been brewing beer for almost a year now. I do all grain. I've made some great batches, but some, especially recently, I've had some major problems. The problem is that...
  19. Shoemaker

    How to improve lace?

    A lot of my beers have OK carbonation but lacking in lace on the side of the glass. What can I do to improve this? I force carbonate my beer but I've noticed a lack of lace from a beer I bottled as well.
  20. Shoemaker

    Will the smell of phenols go away?

    I made a lager, turns out I underpitched with my starter, and it smells of phenols. Will this smell go away if I bottle it for a few months or is it basically ruined?